Frolicking On The Beach


Sweet peas

There are many long-stayers in the garden this year.  One of the most amazing is the sweet pea.

This morning Jackie drove us to Steamer Point and back.

Boy sculpture on wall

On a wall outside one of the houses near the cliff, a lad perches to get a good view of


Friars Cliff Beach.


Believe it or not, this sparkling waterfront is out of season,

Dog on beach

so dogs are now welcome to frolic in the sand and roam off the lead.

Spray on breakwater

Waves throwing up spray buffeted the breakwaters

 supported by strong beams bound by weathered bolts.

Also frolicking on the beach was a family group,

Friars Cliff Cafe and beach huts

who later joined the throngs in the Friars Cliff Cafe

big breakfast

where I consumed The Big Breakfast, not quite as daunting as the Olympics one, and Jackie settled for the more standard Friars Breakfast.

Later this afternoon we visited Mum in West End.

We took the route through Beaulieu where the now grown cygnets were being taken for a walk amidst ducks and jackdaws by their parents.

Donkeys on road

The donkeys in the background gave the birds a wide berth as they set off on their customary traffic disruption exercise.

We spent a couple of hours with Mum during which Jackie cooked her dinner. Elizabeth and Jacqueline joined us and Jackie and my two sisters left Mum to rest while we drove to Jewels Indian restaurant and enjoyed a convivial meal with much reminiscence. The food and service were excellent. My choice was king prawn pathia and pilau rice with which I drank Cobra. We shared a naan.


  1. I quite like the young chap keeping watch over the beach! And amazing that the sweet peas are still blooming this far into the year. It’s good to see everything is working properly again!

  2. All is working again?! I love the photos! And the breakfast although I’m thinking of what to serve for dinner right now. Eggs and bacon?

  3. Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside! 🙂 Lovely photos, especially of the sweet pea. That lad on the wall, really has the best sea view. Love the beautiful swan images. Your breakfast looks delicious, Derrick.

  4. Glad to know you are back to business, Derrick. You don’t want to go through it anytime soom…
    How wonderful to spend time on this beautiful beach. 🙂

  5. I remember the Olympic breakfast from an earlier post. This one is pretty impressive too, but not quite of the same scale–perhaps a Commonwealth Games breakfast.

  6. The beach photos were captivating!
    Breakfast has convinced me to get up from my lounge and dry up two eggs to eat with toast. No bacon nor sausage since no company to share such packages. Broken date means four months may have gone down the old drain of time. Oh well. . . C’est la vie.
    Aww, so nice to hear you visit your Mum regularly. Jackie cooks wherever she goes and shows a sweet and generous heart. Your dinner out sounds scrumptious.

    1. Many thanks, Robin. So sorry about your four months. Perhaps the time was better spent than it seems at bthe moment. It seemed only fair to eat out, didn’t it

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