Today was ultra gloomy, but with promise of good things to come. Now it is much milder again, the garden appeared to have forgotten the recent day of frost.

I made a start on the winter clearance. A couple of weeks ago, Aaron had extracted a clump of badly positioned bamboo from the Oval Bed. I stuffed this into orange bags in readiness for a trip to the dump.

Next was pruning roses. I had expected to be cutting them right down, but there were so many freshly burgeoning buds, that this became a dead-heading exercise, as in these Absolutely Fabulous and Love Knot.

Some actual blooms, like the white Kent and the red Deep Secret, had survived the freeze.

Elsewhere, Vibernum Bodnantense Dawn is in bloom,

Clematis Star of India

and there are new buds on still blooming Clematis Star of India.

Japanese anemone seeds

The Head Gardener prevented me from waxing lyrical about the seeds of the Japanese anemones ready to be spilled for germination, by pointing out that in this country they propagate by means of underground tendrils.

This evening we dined on chicken, tomato, and mozarella pasta bake with peas. Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I drank Via di Cavello chianti 2014.



  1. Stunning photos. Any rises in this neck of the woods are long gone. Already had 16″ of snow earlier this month. It’s gone but wintry again tonight. Dinner sounds great. I can almost taste it.

  2. I love that Jackie knows how things propagate off the top of her head. No wonder she is the HEAD GARDENER. Now I want to eat chicken, tomato, and mozarella pasta bake with peas.

  3. I was noticing last weekend how many roses were still blooming. It’s lovely to see as winter approaches. I’ll be cutting mine back in February, probably. It’s nice to see the garden gorgeous still, in its own end of season way!

  4. I have missed a lot of posts, Derrick. This was one I thought I had seen and commented on. . . Beautiful roses with so much perseverance makes me happy and hopeful. 🙂

  5. In my first comment I spoke of the cottony Japanese anemone with black specks which really do “appear to be seeds,” Derrick.
    If it isn’t in the pending approval area of your blog, I must not have waited long enough for the comment to post. So sorry.

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