Byron Road


After a day spent writing and posting Christmas cards, buying stamps for the next batch, purchasing a Christmas present, completing our decorations, and filling up with petrol, it seemed appropriate to join the throngs viewing the lights of Byron Road.

When I featured this annual display last year, I erroneously called it Knighton Park. That is because we approached it from that road. Today, I give the residents of the amazing terrace in Byron Road the credit they deserve. A visit to the post highlighted above gives an explanation of what this communal effort is all about.

The entire terrace is adorned with various motifs on the front facade and on the left hand side wall.

Each small front garden is packed with figures, often singing and dancing. We have reindeers, Santas, snowmen, dogs, penguins, polar bears, lambs, cribs, and many more.

Enraptured children have a free run up the garden paths, in order to press buttons, gaze at the exhibits, or cuddle Father Christmas. I needed to be very careful as I backed away to frame my pictures. Otherwise I might have crushed an excited infant.

Jackie raided the freezer for Yellow Ticket  bargains for our meal this evening. This resulted in a melange of crispy chilli beef, crispy aromatic duck, and Asian vegetable rice cones, supplemented by her own egg fried rice. The space previously occupied by them is required for the Christmas stocks. Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I finished the Fleurie.


  1. Wonderful vibrant festive photos Derrick. I might try and take my family out tonight to view some local Christmas lights. Thanks for inspiring me.

  2. What a delight you have shared with us here Derrick.. Thank you so much.. I hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful Christmas.. Love and Hugs my friend.. And thank you so much for your lovely visits this year and for your special thoughts sent my way.. Hugs Sue xxx

  3. I’m so please to hear that you still write Christmas cards. It’s one of my favorite things to do during the holidays, but sadly, so many have stopped the tradition. Thanks for sharing the light show, Derrick…it’s fantastic!

  4. Wow, Derrick, this is so beautiful. My Hubby and the two neighbours in our townhouse complex did light displays that went across the three homes for a couple of years. My neighbour passed away two years ago and her daughter, who lived next to her moved out last year. My Hubby just put up a few lights this year because it just wasn’t the same. I love seeing people getting together to make an area festive and bright!

      1. Season’s Greeting. It was a difficult year: Brexit and Trump. But together, we can pull through anything. Solidarity wins the day. But it’s time to celebrate. Best 🙂

  5. Wow, that is quite the Christmas lighting. We have some Christmas emblems here (which I always find kind of surprising even after 10 years living here as this is a Muslim country) but most are in hotels and shopping malls but those on the road here are particularly striking. I will try to take some pics soon and publish a post.

  6. Brilliant array of Christmas lights Derrick, it’s great to see the community come alive in their display, some of those displays look quite intricate in their design and presentation.
    Best wishes for a great Christmas Mate.

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