Ponies At The Door

After an exchange of e-mails this morning, I had sufficient information to make the bank transfer of payment for the unexpected French land tax demand. Jackie drove me to the bank at Lymington where I completed the process.
We then took a brief drive into the forest. Seeking colour under a sunless granite sky was a little optimistic, but the unusually warm temperature was pleasant enough.

Undershore, popular with intrepid pedestrians

links land alongside Lymington Reed Beds with Pilley Hill. A footpath signed before a picket fence follows the side of Lymington River. Road closures in Pilley, where we wanted to book a table at the Fleur de Lys for tomorrow night, meant we retraced our wheels to take this route.

Two of the usual hopefuls waited at the door of Greatham House at Brockenhurst for pony treats.

This evening Jackie and I dined at Lal Quilla. Jackie chose chicken sag as her main course; mine was chicken jaljala; we shared special fried rice and an egg paratha; we both drank Kingfisher. Jackie was given two large carrier bags full of chillis – enough to see us out. I hope there is enough room in the freezer.


  1. I agree with your friend Mr Cox, it would be so nice to have a pony at the door. I would put in a stable door and leave the top open πŸ™‚ The forest pictures are simply stunning and made me very happy on a particularly grey and windy morning.

  2. I wouldn’t chase away iguanas, as well as other tropical fauna teaming in our courtyard, but I’d love to pet those ponies once in a while! The forrest photos are simply gorgeous, Derrick.

  3. I would love to have a pony show up at my door! πŸ™‚ I’ve had dogs, frogs, cats, bunnies, cool looking moths, praying mantis, lizards, birds, a tarantula, etc., at my door, but never a pony! πŸ™‚
    OH my gosh! Your photos are so beautiful, Derrick!
    I love how the trees limbs are hugging and creating a canopy of beauty over the road! πŸ™‚
    And all the leaves are so beautiful!
    Glad you were able to deal with the land tax stuff.
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

  4. How perfectly lovely. I remember staying in Burford for a summer after I finished grad school, many moons ago, in a very old cottage with a Dutch-door, every afternoon when we would open the top door, the local pony would amble over and pop his head in hoping for a treat which he always got.

  5. Those are breathtaking photographs, Derrick. The framing and exposure are exceptional. I feel like a horse who having waited for pony treats got them in bucketfuls.

  6. Derrick, I wish I owned a greeting card or stationery company because I would purchase all of your photographs of winding lanes. They would make the most charming note cards.

  7. Ξ•very day I am waiting for your post and I am travelling to wonderful places with people who are wonderful !!!!
    Send you my appreciation and love !!!!

  8. I keep seeing leaves on the ground during my hikes, but have not seen much color yet. With all the rain we’ve had, we should have a pretty fall, but it hasn’t happened yet. Just checked my front door to make sure there weren’t any unusual animals seeking treats.

  9. You have such a beautiful forest. I love your theme of the pathways through the openings of trees and fence. The ponies at the door was a special treat. I hope they don’t start pawing at the door like my dog does.

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