Golden Globe Descending

After lunch I watched recorded highlights of yesterday’s international rugby match between England and Australia. I then prised Jackie from her greenhouse so she could take me for a drive in the forest.

“Look, Derrick”, she announced, indicating a plant on this sunny but cold afternoon, “it’s a little chilly in the garden”.

Many moorland trees have now lost most of their leaves.

Whitemoor Pond, near Brockenhurst, is one of those many normal waterlogged areas of the New Forest that has been bone dry for most of this year,

In recent days it has filled up again, which is good news for ducks, specifically a happy paddle of mallards.

From there we motored on to Burley, where, at the busy crossroads outside The Burley Inn

a suckling foal caused great delight among the youngest visitors

who failed to notice the other pony ambling amongst the traffic.

It is not that unusual to see a grey mare with a black foal.

Approaching sunset we enjoyed the pastel skies beyond Picket Post,

then sped back to Burley to watch the golden globe descending.

This evening Jacqueline joined us for dinner before returning to stay with Mum. Jackie produced a superb starter of hot and spicy vegetable soup with homemade croutons followed by classic cottage pie served with crisp carrots, cauliflower, and runner beans. The Culinary Queen drank Hoegaarden while Elizabeth and I finished the Brouilly.


  1. Ha-ha Jackie!! šŸ™‚ Did you mean a ‘grey’ pony with a black foal Derrick? (Sorry, retired English teacher!) It’s still raining here, no long evenings and late sunsets for me to enjoy so I am happy to share yours.

  2. Derrick, i think the green house has become Jackie’s second home! From one gardener to another, I appreciate people that like to tend to and take pride un their gardens!bplants are living things too and we need to love and nuture them! I have the biggest flower garden here in my RV park. Nothing like the one Terry and I had in Dallas, or the one you have in England, but nice just the same.

  3. Those sky pictures, and the trees against the sky, are lovely. And Jackie looks to be saying “Derrick, it’s cold in the garden, much less out in the forest. Are you sure?”

  4. Where did you get the runner beans? Supermarket beans are so disappointing. My dad used to grow good beans. My new vegetable patch will have a good bit given over to runner beans in 2019.

  5. Make way for horses! šŸ™‚
    Your tree photos are spectacular, Derrick! and your pastel skies are soft and comforting! šŸ™‚
    HUGS for you and Jackie! May you both say well, safe and warm!!! šŸ™‚

  6. You didn’t mention the score. (37 – 18) How thoughtful! But anyway, you did post shots of ducks. If God had stopped when he made ducks and said, ‘That is the entirety of avian creation,” I would still have been delighted.

  7. Beautiful photo’s Derrick! I see many similarities between your garden ( Jackie’s garden!) šŸ˜‰ and ours.
    I love the mallards. šŸ™‚
    Your last pic reminds me of a Youtube video i saw recently where the creator (little ‘c’) tried to infer the video was proof the sun is a mere few hundred miles away, and orbits over the earth as it was both in front of and ‘behind’ some of the clouds at the same time! (Sigh).

  8. I shall have to remember ‘a happy paddle of mallards’ (though here, they’re anything but happy as other half won’t let them stay on our pond.)
    I love your photos, Derrick but – oooh, the move into winter is telling now.

  9. My mouth always waters when reading of your meals….my goodness you are fortunate! I have been eating salads and sandwiches for so long since my husband was ill awhile ( and he is the more willing and better cook by far) and then we had other family matters to deal with.
    That foal looks rather large–they grow fast, I guess! Nice capture!

  10. Was that a typo ‘Great mare? that suckling foal looks a bit big to still be sucking on poor mummy mare.
    Is it likely that the foal will change colour as it gets older?
    Lovely sunset!

    1. Thanks very much, Brian. It was a WP amendment, now corrected to grey. Others have made the colour change suggestion about the foal. They do seem to still plug on when they are quite big.

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