What’s For Lunch?

On another dismal but drier day, Elizabeth left early to transport Mum to her respite care home in Netley.
A little later Jackie and I drove to Ringwood where I collected some printer inks while she did some Christmas shopping. We met in

CafΓ© Aroma where we lunched to our satisfaction.

I chose Italian ham turkey and mushroom pie; roast potatoes and veg,while Jackie’s meal was a jacket potato with tuna and salad.

Santa has learned that hobbits have moved into Ringwood where they have constructed a purpose built chimney. Here he is testing it for size. From the length of his legs he won’t be able to stand up in a hobbit’s house.

Some of the shops have entered into the spirit of the season.

Edinburgh Woollen Mill lies across the road from the cafΓ©;

a couple of doors away is M & Co.

Ringwood Fabrics brightens The High Street,

as does Townhouse Hair Co.,

across the road from which Roberts Jewellers

rather appropriately rubs shoulders with Anna’s Bridal Gowns.

Arcade Flowers

warrants a second image.

On our way home we took a diversion through the forest.

We were led along the road between Ibsley and South Gorley by string of forlorn looking bedraggled ponies

wrapped in towels, apparently having just got out of the bath.

Even I, after stepping from the car, was able to keep up with them as, heads down, they trudged along the centre of the tarmac.

They wandered hopefully into the driveway of Mockbeggar Cottage, but came away unsatisfied. I imagine they are often provided with lunch there.

They were restricted to their usual trampled fare on the village green.

At Ogdens I was rash enough to open my passenger window to photograph a pair of donkeys on hedge cutting duties at the verge.

This is always a signal for these delightful, gentle, creatures to stick their heads through the window silently asking “what’s for lunch?”. I was quite grateful that they do not slobber.

Having seen what we had for lunch it is only to be expected that Jackie and I dined this evening on small portions of her delicious beef pie meal. Elizabeth will be home later.


  1. That M Shop looks like a Macy’s store, especially with the stars (their logo). But my favorite is the Arcade Flowers’ front entrance.
    Thank you for my donkeys and ponys!!

  2. I do love the way English shop windows are decorated – and the street lights too. The donkeys are just beautiful – and more so given the non-drooling on their part. I wonder what would have happened had you produced something tasty though.

    1. Feeding the donkeys is definitely not advised – they carry harmful ticks, and it encourages them to cross the road when they see a parked car – this can put them in danger. However, I’m sure they would have been very grateful, and may even have salivated. Thanks very much, Pauline

  3. If you’d chosen a BAGUTTE you might have still had crumbs on your trousers for the donkeys. The shop windows are delightfully festive. It needs a spot of gloomy weather to show them off, they wouldn’t look half as Christmassy in bright Aussie sunshine.

  4. I love the donkeys and ponies. It is too bad I never find anyplace here in the US that serves jacket potatoes, since they can make such a good hearty meal with tasty things inside, at a decent price too usually. I hope Jackie’s was enjoyable.

  5. OH! all of the shop windows are so festive and bring smiles! πŸ™‚
    Ha! now I know what it would look like to be the pony bringing up the rear! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€
    Hee-HAw!!! brays to be a nose-y donkey! Get it…”brays” Ha! πŸ˜€
    Can a person pet them? I’d want to!
    Your meal looks hearty and delicious, Derrick! But, I would have chosen what Jackie chose! πŸ™‚
    HUGS to all of you…especially your Mum! πŸ™‚

  6. I love the shop windows. And the donkeys are charming. I bet they’d climb in if you let them. Now that’s a cartoon picture–You and Jackie tooling down the road with two little donkey backs showing through the back window….

  7. Businesses getting ready. The flower shop looks lovely.
    I have never met a donkey who would stick his head inside my car. Those two are loved, it is why they don’t shy away from a stranger.

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