Market Day

Lymington High Street descends a steep incline towards Quay Street at the bottom. The good quality Saturday Market stalls are set up on both sides of the street.

Who would be daft enough to struggle through these throngs up and down the hill combining Christmas shopping with a photographic record of the Saturday before Christmas?

OK, OK, you’ve got me. I did my best not to injure anyone.

Jackie drove me to the main car park from which I walked to the High Street. She drove off elsewhere and we rendezvoused in the same place 50 minutes later. This time span was a test of my knees. I just made it.

If there is a way with the new editor to return to the old jigsaw type galleries, I haven’t found it. The default system crops my pictures ‘for alignment’, it says – in other words to produce uniform sizes which mean I lose parts of my images. If I prevent this, the sizes of my images are altered, leaving gaps as above. Once the galleries are accessed (by clicking on any one in a group), the pictures are fine and can be enlarged in the usual way.

The titles of each of the pictures is given in the galleries. I will let them tell their own stories.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s succulent sausage casserole; boiled potatoes; crunchy carrots; and tender runner beans. I finished the Saint-Chinian.

70 thoughts on “Market Day

  1. It’s amazing how most of the faces look somewhat dazed at best and completely overwhelmed at worst…….. I’d be one of the latter as large crowds aren’t my favourite form of people. Well done on the almost hour long knee test. I trust there will be no repercussions.

  2. You were very brave to venture into the retail maelstrom.

    I am hoping never to have to switch to the new editor as users keep reporting on problems. I have only just got used to the old new editor.

  3. If you read the post in The Reader, all the images come out in succession, one across, at a consistent size – or at least that was my experience on my screen. I did try out the new editor a few months back, but didn’t persevere, so I can’t help.

  4. You and Sussurus talk about the “new editor”โ€”do you mean the Gutenberg Editor, which WordPress has been encouraging us to try? You may have discussed this in one of your recent blogs, which I may have missed. Not liking change, (and being a coward) I opted for the Classic Editor, which looks much the same as the old one.

  5. The market looks like it was very enjoyable, Derrick. (I love the baskets and the wooden ducks or geese. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Will return in a few days and have another look at some more pics, am trying to catch up with a few things.

    I tried the new editor, hated it and switched back. You can still switch back if you want. I can find you the relevant thread on the forum or on the support page if you want.

    Hope you have a happy Christmas.

  6. Whatever the technical difficulties, Derrick, they are great photographs! Good to see that you’ve included the price of the oranges so that your great-great-great grandchildren can have a good laugh one day!

  7. The images have a kaleidoscopic range that explains the occasion and the consequent hubbub. I hope to try the new editor before the current year bids me a goodbye, but your struggles with the interface has me sacred.

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