Raindrops Inside And Out

Recent heavy rains have opened another leak in the roof of our kitchen extension.

Jackie made these photographs of the kitchen floor, then

of what we think is the faulty lead flashing.

While she was at the upstairs windows

she then produced aerial shots of the soggy garden, after which

during a lull in the rain I toured the paths in search of raindrops on fuchsia Delta’s Sarah, begonias, pelargoniums, rose campion, various roses, chrysanthemums, Edinburgh dahlia, Rosa Glauca hips, and fallen beech leaves.

For dinner this evening we finished Jackie’s choice chicken and leek pie with crisp roast potatoes; al dente carrots and cauliflower; tender cabbage, and most flavoursome gravy, with which she drank Hoegaarden and I drank more of the Montpeyroux.


  1. A neighbour text me this morning to say there was rain overnight. If it rained as well as it did here, 2 hours north of home, then our vegetables will be well watered.
    Great pics! Hope the roof leak is easily fixed.

  2. Oh yes Derrick there’s a number of potential leaky spots … the downpipe outlet onto the roof could do with a spreader, the groves in the tiles might need a clean, and of course the hole in the lead flashing…. ahh water is a very powerful force, basically a wetting agent of earth by it’s very nature,

  3. Oh, no, roof leaks are the worst! Faulty flashing is often a culprit. I hope the source of the leak can be found and fixed without too much trouble (or money).
    Jackie’s first garden view photo is just enchanting.

  4. I feel your pain about the roof, Derrick. We had to replace ours over the summer. Thankfully our insurance paid for it. Keep looking at your garden and don’t think about the roof!

  5. Most interesting viewpoint of the garden from the upstairs window, and raindrop images are so special. Roof leaks are so bothersome. Will your man use lead or copper for the repair?

  6. Gravity pulls the raindrops down from open skies, and through thick canopies and faults and slivers in the roof. The last, I trust is an unsettling experience.

  7. Our roof leaks in places too. Whenever it rains we think about doing something about it, but it has rained so seldom over the past few years that we forget about the leaks in between – or can’t find the ‘exact’ spot.

  8. UGHS on the leaky roof… ๐Ÿ™ Hope it can be fixed very soon.
    LOVE the photos looking out and down on the garden! A beautiful perspective that captures the fullness, the richness, the colors!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    It doesn’t look like the flowers and leaves minded the raindrops. ๐Ÿ™‚
    But we Human-Beans do mind raindrops entering our homes. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    (((HUGS))) ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Excellent Autumn colours Derrick. Shame about the leak, I had a similar problem with lead flashing earlier this year but it was simple and inexpensive to fix.

  10. Oh, No, roof leaks are not a good thing to have. You may have found the entrance in that small hole.
    Your fall garden is gorgeous! Just like visiting a Botanical Garden.

  11. Hopefully the leak is easy to find and fix. It probably is the flashing. Jackie’s photos from upstairs of the gardens below are beautiful, as are your closeups, Derrick.

  12. The raindrops on roses and other flowers are beautiful–inside on the floor, not so much. I hope the fix is easy and not too expensive.
    Jackie took some excellent photos–the drops about to fall are especially fine.

  13. Sorry about that water inside when it belongs out there … not in here! I hope you got the leak fixed. Your flowers are gorgeous! As always…

  14. Oh no, not another leak!
    Jackie’s garden views are so lovely, what a difference autumn makes, the trees that previously blended now stand out and show such a beautiful contrast.

  15. Oh Derrick – I am getting caught up on some posts and super glad I dropped by this one – esp for the flowers have brought some joy ???

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