Deep Water

Working backwards this morning to 16th I converted another batch of Galleries in June 2014 posts.

This afternoon we joined Helen, Bill, Shelly, and Ron at 22 Avon Avenue, Avon Court, where we viewed their splendid garden open for the National Gardens Scheme.

Water was the dominant theme here, as paths with well stocked

borders encircled a central man-made lake, lined with bags of cement which set as the water was added.

On this very hot day the many visitors welcomed the shade offered by the numerous trees.

Dragonflies darted, azaleas and arum lilies abounded; a locked door added Tardis-like mystery.

While I stood pondering whether I dared try my balance on stepping stones across deep water

a gentleman keeping upright with the aid of two sticks ventured across.

It was then that Dan came to my aid.

I had been enjoying conversation with him and his mother including speculation about whether we both had Viking ancestry, when he suggested going across ahead of me with my hands resting on his shoulders. This is what we did. His sister then joined us.

She had photographed this activity from the other side of the lake and Danny, later, sent them to me by Facebook Messenger.

I also photographed Bill.

After this visit we all repaired to Helen and Bill’s home at Fordingbridge, where Jackie’s sister provided an excellent repast of cold meats, boiled potatoes, coleslaw, and fresh salad with flavoursome bread she had made from a recipe book provided by Shelly who made a superb trifle topped with strawberries. Beers and red wine were quaffed.