Posting A Pivotal Week, Part One

23rd to 30th April 2024.

After cataract eye surgery and with a lingering cold I have been able neither to photograph nor to look at a screen for this period. How we have managed a way round it will be explained in Part 2.

The pivotal day was Thursday 25th, when, as we watched Flo, Dillon, and Ellie drive off to their new home,

Arbor Venture, symbolically, began to bring down the dead Weeping Birch tree. That process, Jackie was able to photograph.

Today, I produced these two pictures.

Reshaping The Copper Beech

Just after dawn this morning, before Josephine Hedger and her Arbor Venture Tree Care team, began work on our beech tree,

Jackie photographed the tree as it was then.

With all the necessary safety harness and lines, crash helmets, and high-vis clothing, the surgeons worked away steadily on the tree, lowering lopped branches to crew members down below; carrying and piling them for shredding in a chipper; swept up after themselves; and left us clearer than they found us. Because much of our tree overhangs the garden of Mistletoe Cottage, this was a joint project with David and Lareine Firth next door.

We were very impressed with the promptness, courtesy, friendliness, thoroughness, and skill of the team who related well to us and among themselves.

This evening we all dined on further helpings of Jackie’s penne Bolognese with the addition of tender broccoli stems. I drank Reserva Privado Chilean Malbec 2022.