95 Tomorrow


Aaron building earth retaining wall

This morning Aaron built a low earth-retaining wall around the greenhouse. As usual, I made him a print of the photograph.

Red seaweed

Mum is afflicted by severe macular degeneration. This means that she now only has peripheral vision, that is that she cannot see the centre of any subject. My ingenuity in producing a Birthday Card was therefore somewhat taxed. I took the centre of one of the red seaweed pictures from 26th September and expanded it. Trimming it to size, Jackie then produced the finished article. The idea was to tell her that whatever she can see covers the whole image.

Birthday spread

Although it is not actually her birthday until tomorrow, when she will be visiting us, a special tea had been arranged for today at Elizabeth’s. Adam, Thea, and Jasper are all ill, so could not attend. Jackie and I stood in for them. Danni and Andy had produced beautifully textured scones, Victoria sponge, muffins; and delightful, egg, tuna and cucumber, and ham sandwiches. Elizabeth had produced a moist carrot cake and cooked her grandson Jasper’s favourite chipolata sausages, so we just had to help out.

Danni and Mum 1

Danni settled Mum in her favourite chair.

Today would have been our brother Chris’s birthday; Mum paid homage to this; and I passed on messages from our cousin Yvonne and her father, our Uncle Ben.

We tucked into the food on offer, and Elizabeth and I drank Calvet merlot 2016 while the others drank teas, coffee, and orange juice. This, of course, meant that Jackie and I could partake of nothing more when we arrived home this evening.

Mum, Jackie, DanniMum

Danni and Jackie assisted with lighting and extinguishing the cake candles.

Finally, the soon to be birthday girl opened her cards, and, with a little help, was able to decipher the seaweed.