To Feather The Nest

Jackie and I drove to Abbotsfield Garden in Bennett’s Lane, Burley, which was open under the National Gardens Scheme, where private gardens are open to the public.

Each of these pictures is titled in the gallery.

Jackie photographed me while I was going around with my camera and she

was seated with cake at a table beneath a fine red Japanese maple.

She also pictured her lemon drizzle cake and the NGS programme; potted succulents, bedded ferns and

another garden scene with an emphasis on the camouflaged shed housing the pump

serving the carp pool

which reflected

a splendid clump of Arum lilies, while photographing which, I also pictured

the camouflaged pump shed.

Looking up I watched a small bird bearing a large item of plumage

until making off to feather the nest.

This evening we dined on two prawn preparations, namely hot and spicy and tempura; spring rolls; beef in black bean sauce; served with Jackie’s tasty savoury rice topped with a thick omelette, with which the Culinary Queen drank Hoegaarden, I drank more of the Bordeaux, and Becky drank Diet Coke.