Peepo! On The Way To Bed

With the day beginning as had yesterday I planned to visit a different sunset location later this afternoon, and therefore settled back into my Priestley literature analysis.

A dark-browed shower descended at the time we were due to set off, so I carried on reading with half an eye trained on

the skies while the sun deliberated on whether or not to put in a appearance.

The first shot in the above gallery was reflected in the casement gable window through which I need to poke my lens for any images from above.

Finally, from the car park of The Royal Oak I was able to photograph the red-gold orb playing peepo! on its way to bed.

The bangers and mash which we all enjoyed for dinner this evening consisted of a mix of pork and garlic and pork and chives sausages, mashed potatoes as creamy as usual, crunchy carrots, tender runner beans, and toothsome sweetcorn, with which Jackie drank Peroni and I drank more of the Australian Shiraz.