A Knight’s Tale (32: The Great Smog)

Today we are battling even greater global problems with air pollution than that of the smog Chris and I experienced in 1952.  Smog is a term coined by compacting elided versions of ‘smoke’ and ‘fog’.  One nickname for London is ‘The Smoke.  The capital in those days was frequently visited by fog exacerbated by smoke fromContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (32: The Great Smog)”

London Smog

Mist beset the forest today as I walked the ford loop. On the gravelled area outside a bungalow in Minstead a car was parked and the boot opened.  A small black and white spaniel, tail flat on the ground into which she was trying to vanish as she looked backwards – for all the world like FredContinue reading “London Smog”