All Will Become Clear

Ellie has a favourite position when clinging to her mother: she pivots her right arm inwards at the elbow and curls up the fingers behind her. Yesterday I photographed the phenomenon. This morning Martin removed most of the last of the patio paving and will need to hire a skip to take it all awayContinue reading “All Will Become Clear”

The Nightingale

FOR ENLARGEMENT CLICK ON PAIRED IMAGES TO ACCESS GALLERIES WHICH CAN BE VIEWED FULL SIZE. SHOULD YOU NEED TO ENLARGE THE RECIPE AND THE PORTRAIT JUST CLICK ON THEM. Today Jackie drove me to and from New Milton for my trip to London to visit Luci and Wolf. I travelled from Waterloo by the NorthernContinue reading “The Nightingale”

A Further Piece Of Quirkiness

3rd April 2014 On a wander round the garden this morning, I added periwinkle to the photographic gallery of our plants. Curry/PC World delivered the fridge/freezer promptly as promised. Until they came we continued moving stuff around. This involved carting some furniture upstairs. I telephoned Neff customer support line in an unsuccessful attempt to beContinue reading “A Further Piece Of Quirkiness”

A Little Inconvenience

Has anyone had a modern lavatory seat fitted that does not soon become loose and start swivelling round to give an unstable perch?  I’m hard put to think of any.  One unfortunate consequence is the need for frequent brushing of the porcelain sides because you are not sitting in a position from which a directContinue reading “A Little Inconvenience”