Bagpuss Is 50

The view from our sitting room early this morning encapsulated our

weather forecast of sunshine and showers.

Martin worked in whatever came along, from shade

to sunshine requiring his coat to be placed on or off the Nottingham Castle Bench at times.

I spent much time on administration, some boring, others, like arranging for the removal of the dead Weeping Birch tree and the completing of the painting of the outside of the house, not so for different reasons. Later this afternoon I posted documents concerning a heating oil contract from

Everton Post Office, photographed, with its Easter decorated post box, by Jackie.

Next, after a shop at Tesco Express, where Jackie photographed

another decorated post bog celebrating the anniversary of Bagpuss, we visited “In The Frame” in Highcliff where I deposited a 19”’ x 13″ print of

for framing.

This evening we all dined on Ferndene Farm Shop sausages, creamy mashed potato, carrots, runner beans, peas, sweetcorn, cabbage, and meaty gravy with which Jackie drank Peroni and I drank Reserva Privada Chilean Malbec 2022.