A Game Of Cards

This morning, Ronan, of Tom Sutton Heating, serviced our boiler. It was in good working order.

Raindrops on camellia

It was another rainy day, with the occasional spell of sunshine, yet brightening up in the afternoon, enough for Jackie to indulge in more planting. I wondered how long this large pendulous drop would take to slip down to the next camellia leaf, and so on to the soil below.

I made a couple of A4 prints of the two young ladies carrying the Landscape Bark on 8th, and presented one of them with the pictures when we visited Mole Country Supplies for three more bags. This time a pair of young gentlemen loaded our car. Jackie observed that I ‘didn’t whip out [my] camera and take a photograph’. ‘Well’, said I, ‘they were not ……’ ‘female’ interjected my Driver. I completed my sentence with ‘….. quite so photogenic’.

When I wrote about Robyn Ghyll on 26th March 2013, I did not have access to the colour slides taken on that holiday in August 1979. I scanned them today. Brief details of the stay can be found by following the link.

Matthew 8.79

Here Matthew leans on the dry stone garden wall of the Trevelyan holiday home,

Jessica, Cherie, Maxine, Vital (and cousin Jackie playing cards 8.79

in which Jessica conducts a card game requiring great concentration from Cherie and Maxine, but receiving very little from Vital who obscures cousin Jackie.

Jessica, Becky and Piper 3Jessica and Piper 8.79 2Jessica 8.79 1

Jessica, Becky, and Michael’s dog, Piper, enjoyed splashing about in a freezing tarn. I am not sure how the floral hairpiece remained in place.

Jessica 8.79 3

Jessica must have dried off for this portrait.

To call the meal Jackie served up this evening ‘Cauliflower Cheese’ is misleading. What it consisted of was cauliflower in a cheese mustard sauce including sauteed leeks and tomatoes, garnished with lean bacon rashers. With this delightfully tangy meal, I drank Piccini Memoro red wine.