Ella And Jack Go Hunting

This morning Jackie laid out her usual cold meats buffet and sandwiches for the Easter egg hunt gathering taking place this afternoon. At lunchtime Jacqueline arrived with salads and Elizabeth brought a quiche. Jackie handed added pizzas to the table shown above.

Jackie had added photographs of her Easter decorations.

Meanwhile I converted

from Classic to Block Edit.

Soon after arrival Ella and Danni decorated the Easter Bonnet Jackie had given our great niece. Because it was difficult to fix the chicks feet through the perforations in the hat, Jacqueline stuck them on with Sellotape.

This was the final result.

As usual Ella found it difficult to wait for Ellie to wake up and join us. When at last she did Ellie’s bottom lip protruded above her top one, her arms tensed, and she began crying each time Ella turned away from her.

At last, after lunch, the Easter egg hunt commenced. Ella was fully aware of the process. Aided by Danni and Jacqueline, she enjoyed seeking the locations represented in the photographs Jackie had taken and Elizabeth printed; collected the treasures discovered for herself and Jack; and placed them in the two children’s separate baskets. Jack was less cognisant of the game, but he very much enjoyed running around the garden.

Andy arrived later to accompany Danni, Ella, and Jack home.

A few seconds after the little family’s arrival home Danni sent me this photograph she entitled “the sugar crash.”

As usual on such an occasion I needed no more nourishment this evening. Jackie, Flo, Dillon, and Ellie continued grazing.