More Than We Bargained For

Nick began work today on the Garden Room. Currently the

view is the most attractive part of this bedroom.

Apart from the historic cracks, Nick found some of the lath and plaster walls had crumbled away; the dado had been glued on; there is much for him to fill in and scrape away than we had bargained for.

By the end of the day, our expert decorator had made considerable progress in making good, filling cracks and holes in walls, stripping off glue and other rubbish, and putting first coats of paint on the ceiling and woodwork.

I spent much of the day working on posting

This evening we all dined on Becky’s savoury rice; tempura prawns or haddock fish cakes, and tender green beans, with which she drank Zesty, Ian drank Weissbier; Jackie drank Hoegaarden; and I drank more of the Durif Shiraz.