Dreaming Of Christmas Dinner

Today Jackie filled the house with the aroma of her delicious jalfrezi sauce for the curry option of her Boxing Day culinary delights.

Taking a break after lunch on this mild, cloudy day occasionally graced with a peek of sunshine, she drove me into the forest.

Father Christmas once again toasts his toes on the Lymington River Christmas float, while gulls fly over moored boats.

Stopping at Shotts Lane to photograph skies and trees, we watched a raptor tracking potential prey, perhaps dreaming of its Christmas dinner.

Through holes in hedges along Lisle Court Lane we glimpsed the masts of Lymington Harbour.

The tree on the Portmore village green now sports its Christmas baubles;

someone must have dropped a jigsaw puzzle piece outside the telephone box converted to a book exchange. Although it did not belong to the puzzle inside the booth, I picked it up and placed it on top of the similar attraction, where at least it would have a chance to dry out.

A horse peered over a gate on Jordans Lane while another forever followed a pointer across a weather vane.

The crochet artist shy of publicity has now given us a Christmas mice theme atop the Pilley Hill letter collection box.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s tangy pasta arrabbiata and fresh green beans, with which she drank Hoegaarden and I drank Cahors Malbec 2019.