Lacking A Certain Ambience

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED Aaron needed a few more boards for the front of his compost bins. I therefore accompanied him this morning to Mole Country Stores (known as Scats because that is what they used to be) to buy them. These make removable slats for ease of accessing the matureContinue reading “Lacking A Certain Ambience”

Mulching And Composting

The early sun set the front garden glowing gold, as always, this morning. The autumn flowering cherry has been in bloom since last October. The telegraph pole, from which a cluster of cables fans out along Christchurch Road and all points of the compass, receives regular visits from BT engineers. What this area looked like aContinue reading “Mulching And Composting”

Not Quite The Man I Was

When Jackie heavily pruned a bay tree in our front garden last autumn, some of the branches escaped into the untended jungle next door. This morning, I decided to do the decent thing and remove them. I cut them to size and filled one of the gravel container bags with them. Later, Jackie and IContinue reading “Not Quite The Man I Was”