Find The Moth

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Today was overcast and unseasonably hot and humid. I cut the grass and had a wander around the garden. Many of our plants linger on, refusing to accept the advent of autumn. We still have blooming clematises. Although the leaves of the weeping birch are beginning to colourContinue reading “Find The Moth”

Eyes Peeled

As I attempted, last night, to photograph an interesting moth in the Print Room, the creature flew off. This afternoon, Becky produced this image. When I confessed my failure, a certain amount of hilarity ensued. There is, you see, a family myth that whenever I attempt to photograph anything possessing wings, it disappears. Once more the rainContinue reading “Eyes Peeled”

A First Class Service

First thing this morning I photographed a moth conveniently spread out on the kitchen work surface.  When I showed the picture to Jackie she said ‘you know it’s dead, don’t you?’  She had picked it up from the floor and laid it to rest so that I would be able to photograph it.  Possibly sheContinue reading “A First Class Service”