Final Resting Place

Because they value my opinion I have received a satisfaction survey questionnaire from the bank. I gave them what they deserved.

Early this morning Jackie heavily pruned the Delta’s Sarah fuchsia in the Rose Garden, in preparation for the

hole with which she then made good headway , leaving me to prise out a final layer of clay.

While she was there she picked a crop of apples which she gave a good polish.

We then visited the recycling centre at our booked time and left the bulk of our garden refuse there.

Early this afternoon Becky and Ian arrived with the body of Scooby who had died peacefully at midday, aged 18.

What we had been preparing this morning was his final resting place in our Rose Garden. Becky interred her beloved Jack Russell, and we spent a gently emotional afternoon of tears and reminiscences.

This evening we all dined on tender roast lamb; crisp roast potatoes; vibrant carrots; crunchy cauliflower; stringless runner beans, and meaty gravy. Jackie and Ian drank Hoegaarden while Becky and I finished the Fleurie.