A Knight’s Tale (78: Divorce)

During the 1970s, Jessica’s former in-laws part owned Robin Ghyll, a farmhouse in Ambleside within sight of

the Langdale Pikes in the Lake District, where we enjoyed a number of holidays with Sue and her children.

Jessica, Becky, and Piper enjoyed splashing about in the tarns. Rock pools provided fun for both Becky, Matthew, and the other children. The above images are all from August 1975.

Four years later, while on another holiday there with friends and my nephew James, I received the date of Jackie and my divorce hearing in London. This meant a return train journey which felt like the longest of my life. Jessica volunteered to accompany me, but this was an ordeal that I wished to undergo alone. I would not contest custody, so the hearing was short and definitely neither sweet nor savoury.