Granny Gets The Giggles

Despite the forecast of more brisk winds and heavy rain, Martin was able to carry out the bulk of the work involved in taking down the old and building a replacement entrance arch to the Rose Garden.

With his usual meticulous measurement and thoughtful design he managed much of the task in sunshine, although in a chill wind.

Ellie’s – and Granny’s – new favourite dancing music is

The Dancing Frog sent by Becky.

They both enjoyed it – repeatedly – before lunch. Even when not watching the video, Jackie gets the giggles just thinking about it.

Early this afternoon hailstones bounced off the patio and its windows. The Assistant Photographer was on hand with her camera.

This evening we dined on leftovers from last night’s Red Chilli meal and additional vegetable samosas with which I finished the Shiraz and Jackie drank Hoegaarden.