Today’s weather was balmy and warm with a gentle breeze.

Over lunch I watched the recording of last night’s thrilling rugby World Cup match between Wales and Fiji, after which my reading of R.L.Stevenson’ s stories was interrupted by Jackie’s giggling while working on her laptop. In response to my enquiry she replied with a question about whether I remembered a particular garden we had passed some years ago. She had no idea why it had suddenly popped into her head. She couldn’t recall where or when this had been.

I was in the same boat, although I could remember many of the images, a woman pleased to show me round, and what was on the opposite side of the road. I may have mentioned that the blog is my best aide-memoir. When I have the right search word I can often find what I am looking for.

I thought Garden and Delights might feature in the title. Three came up. One of the images mentioned above were three figures on a bench. These led smoothly to

and much hilarity. If you follow the link please ignore the tags now listed in that post. At least the pictures have been returned to me since the transfer of my site, but these tags belong to an entirely different post and I can’t be bothered to pursue the issue.

I returned to my book, and later published

This evening, because Jackie had made two pies yesterday, we all dined on the second, with fresh vegetables, with which we drank the same beverages.