Prolific Pony Progeny

Our fierce winds and intermittent rains continued throughout the day, making it one for staying in and reading, until all was calm and the sun put in an appearance late in the afternoon, when we decided to set off for a brief forest drive.

We travelled no further than Tiptoe Road before we encountered

a pair of foals molesting the traffic until a driver chased them off onto the verge;

further along the road, more mares and their offspring found their own methods of disrupting the traffic.

One young foal showed great concern for the rolling discomfort of her mother.

Jackie’s picture makes it clear that the mare was trying to dislodge flies attracted to her area of recently having given birth.

Others wandered in the shrubbery. The first two of these four images are mine; the next two, Jackie’s.

Some of very frisky offspring dashed backwards and forwards all over the place. The last four images in this gallery are Jackie’s.

This evening we dined on roast chicken thighs with a spicy coating; boiled potatoes; tender cabbage and cauliflower leaves; crunchy cabbage and firm cauliflower.

First Foals Of 2024

This morning I read more of Kristin Lavransdatter.

After lunch on this warm and sunny day we took a forest drive.

We noticed our first foal of the season on the moorland beside Tiptoe Road.

Jackie managed to catch the youngster suckling, while I was photographing

a couple of shaggy ponies crossing the road, causing some consternation to an alarmed cyclist who rapidly took evasive action.

While approaching Burley we spotted our second foal clinging to its mother; the first four are my pictures, the rest are Jackie’s.

The pool on Fish Street caused me to reflect on the current aptness of the name.

May blossom, like this example on London Lane, is now quite prolific.

A pair of horse riders, one in training, the other leading a smaller steed, moved over to let us pass as we tagged along behind.

Shelly visited later, when we enjoyed a pleasant conversation largely about mothers, babies, and grandfamilies.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s spicy pasta arrabbiata with tender runner beans.