Slow progress in shaking off the virus continues.

Shop window 12.66 2Shop window 12.66. 3Rambling through my photographic archives took me back to 1960s colour slides, for rescanning. I have already featured Christmas lights in London’s West End during this decade. Window displays, like these, probably of Selfridges, taken in December 1966, were also attractive.

It had been this month that I finally left my Marine Insurance desk to begin my Social Work career in The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames. My post ‘Directions’ describes how I came to make this career-changing move.

My last three years in the insurance business were spent in Mobil Shipping Company under the management of Derek Marks. Derek was the ideal boss. The only negative feeling I had about my departure was fear of disappointing him when I gave in my notice. He was, of course, very good about it and remained a friend. Some of today’s slides were taken at the Marks family home in Southgate, the following May, where Peter got out his treasures with which to entertain Michael, who was particularly absorbed by the model railway.Michael and Peter Marks 5.67 02

It was Derek who, that same year, made good use of his Hatton Garden links, to take us to London’s jewellery centre to choose an Engagement ring. He followed this up with a meal in a rather exclusive restaurant, the name of which I cannot remember.Jackie 1967

I’m not sure who is lighting the single cake candle.

This evening Becky posted, on her Facebook page, the photograph of the three young women in yesterday’s ‘Chamberlayne Road’, in order to increase the possibility of recognition. She then advised me to share her post, which I did.

Our dinner consisted of a rack of pork ribs in barbecue sauce, Jackie’s savoury rice, and green beans, followed by lemon and lime meringue tart. Jackie drank Peroni and I drank Wychwood Goliath beer.

P.S. Jackie’s memory of the engagement night is better than mine. Here is her Facebook Comment:

‘Derek Marks, had booked a table at the ‘Talk of the Town’ at that time it was a swish cabaret place, I remember an elderly’ Hutch’ was the entertainer for that night, he had been a top cabaret artist in his time and I remember growing up listening to his songs on the wireless. He was very good and I remember feeling it was a bit sad that he had come to this.’