Back In Action

On a morning as overcast and drizzly as yesterday had been warm and sunny, Jackie drove us to Hockey’s Farmhouse CafĂ© for brunch.

First, we had collected a repeat prescription from Milford on Sea pharmacy, which had worked very well with the old-fashioned paper method.

Jackie photographed a raincloud over the Isle of Wight, indicating that the island would be covered by

haze we were to blink through over Deadman Hill. As, having ventured onto the moor, I dried raindrops coating my camera and lens, I reflected that at least I no longer needed specs for distance viewing, as they would have really needed wipers.

Two women walking beneath an umbrella looked, from the black bin bag one carried, to be volunteer litter pickers along the verge of Roger Penny Way.

Occupancy of the green at the Brook end of this road was shared by a flock of horned sheep with their lambs and ponies.

A magpie picked its way among the woolly beasts possibly in search of nesting material from their prey’s clothing.

Jackie also photographed this ovine and equine group. When she captioned the second of her shots including me “back in action” she provided me with both title and header picture.

Additionally she featured a fine mossy trunk.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s wholesome chicken and vegetable stewp with fresh crusty bread.