A Knight’s Tale (36: Some Schoolmasters)

A most inspirational teacher, Mr. Millward dedicated his life to teaching history at Wimbledon College.  He was one of those pupils who never really left the school, returning after university to take up his life’s work.  Learning about the Tudors and Stuarts we would eagerly await ‘Sid’ striding into the classroom with a rolled upContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (36: Some Schoolmasters)”

Rooting And Wallowing

This morning while Jackie shopped at Tesco I carried out a bunch of dead heading. After lunch I wandered around the garden with my camera and photographed a range of blooms, each of which is titled in the gallery; a bee on a cosmos and a comma butterfly on verbena bonariensis. Later this afternoon weContinue reading “Rooting And Wallowing”

Presents From A Lifetime

For lunch, we visited Elizabeth, Jacqueline. and Frances, at our younger sister’s home in Pilley and naturally continued reminiscing for most of the afternoon. Later, I scanned or photographed the last of the presents that Mum had labelled for us. Jackie photographed this Heal’s battery operated carriage clock which I must have bought for ourContinue reading “Presents From A Lifetime”

Hawthorn Berry Time

On our way to Elizabeth’s home for a family gathering we stopped at the the now virtually dry Pilley lake. The two opposite views I have been tracking through the year demonstrate that the bed is now virtually dry. The second contains hawthorn berries. two transverse views demonstrate the expanse of this; no animals todayContinue reading “Hawthorn Berry Time”

A Knight’s Tale (35: Mum Gets Me Through)

Wimbledon College was not really geared for art, so it was an unusual, if not the first, request for me to sit the GCE ‘O’ Level examination in 1958, and no books were available. Although I don’t remember, a contemporary, Matthew Hutchinson, who would have walked it, must have sat it too. The examination was largelyContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (35: Mum Gets Me Through)”

A Knight’s Tale (34: Wimbledon College)

Firm friends at St. Mary’s, Russell Road primary school, Tom McGuinness and I went up to Wimbledon College together where we gradually drifted apart because we were in different forms and our interests were so different.  We spent many happy hours in each other’s homes, often swapping gruesome American horror comics. We made forbidden tripsContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (34: Wimbledon College)”

The Next Generation

My sisters cleared Mum’s room in Woodpeckers today and will take her favourite clothes to the undertakers. I had removed the one object I would like yesterday. This, bearing my name on the back in our mother’s block capitals, was a pastel portrait I produced for her on the first anniversary of Dad’s death, 34Continue reading “The Next Generation”

“Hello Barbara”

Mum perked up yesterday afternoon. When Elizabeth and Jacqueline arrived she was sitting up in bed, drinking from her own cup. She stayed awake for two hours; conversed lucidly; and consumed a little liquid nourishment, antibiotics, and water. Staff were concerned about her breathing overnight and she is to be given morphine to make herContinue reading ““Hello Barbara””