One Miniature Member

Early this afternoon I posted “A Knight’s Tale (9: Before The Coming Revolution)”. Later, we shopped at Lidl and carried on for drive. Everywhere is becoming very crowded. Reaching Lymington was a lengthy process. We kept along Sowley Lane and St Leonard’s Road to the east, which doesn’t have too many visitors. A family ofContinue reading “One Miniature Member”

A Knight’s Tale (9: Before The Coming Revolution)

Mabel Knight, the most widely travelled of the siblings, followed the early career pattern of her elder sister, Ethel. Aged sixteen she attended a boarding school as a pupil/teacher in return for board and lodging. As usual there was no salary. This would come the next year as a teacher in a small school inContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (9: Before The Coming Revolution)”

Happy Planting

Jackie spent most of this pleasantly sunny day on general garden maintenance, including spraying about half of the Back Drive weeds with herbicide. My contribution was dead heading, hand weeding, and clearing debris, in one long and one short bursts. Here are some blooms of For Your Eyes Only, before and after dead heading. IContinue reading “Happy Planting”

A Knight’s Tale (8: From The Good Life To Refugee Status)

My paternal grandfather, John Francis Cecil (Jack), and his siblings were part of the seventh generation descended from John Knight, first appearing in the seventeenth century. His three sisters Ethel, Mabel, and Evelyn, governesses to the aristocracy during the twentieth century, between them lived through all the major upheavals of that period.  In 1917 EthelContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (8: From The Good Life To Refugee Status)”

An Arboreal Ossuary

This morning Jackie continued with her general maintenance work, including autumn cleaning the greenhouse, and clearing and resetting paths such as the Head Gardener’s Walk. My minimal intervention was the removal of brambles invading from No. 5 Downton Lane. This, and the amount of weeds piercing the gravel is somewhat reminiscent of our arrival hereContinue reading “An Arboreal Ossuary”

Beside The Pond

This morning was the dry part of day beset with showers of varying ferocity. We shopped at Ferndene Farm Shop for three more bags of compost and a replenishment of our stock of fruit and vegetables, then continued into the forest. Fly-decorated ponies planted in the road around the fully occupied Holmsley Campsite did theirContinue reading “Beside The Pond”

Not As Punishing As Expected

This is the second delicately wind-chiming owl that Jackie has found smashed to smithereens by gale force winds. She wasn’t about to buy another so she carefully super-glued the pieces together late yesterday. She has since managed to prise her fingers apart. Much of the day has been spent tying up or removing fallen plants.Continue reading “Not As Punishing As Expected”

74 Miles Per Hour

The title represents the fastest speed of the hurricane force winds gusting through The Needles this morning. With our garden in direct line about two miles from these there was no point in going out to investigate the damage, so we drove to Barton on Sea to have a look at them. Jackie photographed theContinue reading “74 Miles Per Hour”

A Knight’s Tale (7: World War I)

From my brother, Chris’s, research, I have learned that my potential great uncle, Fred Evans, brother of great uncle John (Jack Riskit) and Grandma Hunter, née Evans, was killed on the Somme in 1916. A first class cricketer and footballer, Fred was expected to play cricket for Lancashire until the war put a stop toContinue reading “A Knight’s Tale (7: World War I)”

After The Storm?

Yesterday’s winds had in fact reached gale proportions. This morning I joined Jackie in the garden and carried out a dead heading operation. Roses New Dawn, Alan Titchmarsh, Créme de la Créme, For Your Eyes Only, and Winchester Cathedral were among those that received my attention. Taking a break for lunch and cutting my hair,Continue reading “After The Storm?”