A Visible Contrast

The Needles foghorn beckoned us all the way to the coast at Barton on Sea this morning. All other sounds were muffled by clouds of tiny water droplets known as mist. We took the route through Angel Lane where Jackie parked the Modus and I photographed misty scenes and more visible views of the banksContinue reading “A Visible Contrast”

Job Done

Because our neighbours are on holiday we were able to make an early start on burning branches and foliage. With the two fires approach we had made considerable progress by lunchtime. This afternoon, I felt like a change, so Jackie drove me to Milford on Sea in order for me to investigate further the NatureContinue reading “Job Done”

Resting Places

My chauffeuse was gadding about with her sisters today, so I had to take myself to Lyndhurst for Prof. Lyon-Maris to check on the freezing of my wart.  I could, of course, have booked a cab, but decided to walk the four miles to the surgery via Emery Down in stages.  The first stop wasContinue reading “Resting Places”

No Dinner

Today having dawned crisp and clear, I circumperambulated Cannon Hill Common, my companions, as in Telegraph Woods yesterday, being magpies and squirrels scuttling about. In Maycross Avenue a new set of paving was about to replace a front garden.  The pavement was disturbed and carried a series of markings the like of which I haveContinue reading “No Dinner”

A Pikey

Taking my normal route to Cannon Hill Common; with the exception of entering it through Joseph Hood recreation ground alongside; I paused in Maycross Avenue to chat to Keyline paviers.  Proud of their work, the man in charge told me how, with a membrane and a layer of concrete, they eradicated the weeds which IContinue reading “A Pikey”

Walking In The Rain

Well, I thought this would be an original title for the summer of 2012.  Yesterday’s sunshine  proved to be an aberration.  This morning we were back to normal, pouring rain.  As I needed to go into Morden to present yesterday’s wine stained raiment to the dry cleaners and to pay in some cheques I continued onContinue reading “Walking In The Rain”