Have You Got An iPaD?

ImageRunning Hill was full of ponies as I set off to walk the ford ampersand on this crisp sun-kissed day.  Others, throughout the route, had begun their day-long quest for fodder.  In ‘Furzey Gardens road’ some half a dozen were lined up as if in a trough.   One was forced to turn its head to stay in frame.  They are reaching higher and higher for prickly greenery.  Sheep basking 1.13Sheep in a fold munched, basked, and idled away the morning.  The avian residents were very vociferous.  I recognised a blackbird in a hedge, and robins and pigeons flitting and flirting across the lanes of Minstead.

Close to the ford, opposite an aptly named house called ‘The Splash’, lies Minstead Study Centre. Minstead Study Centre 1.13 Taking the motorists’ warning sign literally, I have been calling this establishment a school.  On passing the centre and the nearby twig circle mentioned in posts of 4th, 26th, and 30th December 2012, I was reminded that Berry had clarified both the purpose of this educational facility and the source of the ‘pagan’ circular constructions.  The truth is far less mysterious than I had imagined.

The Study Centre is a forestry learning establishment for schools who send groups of children to discover the delights of the New Forest. Bare oak branches 1.13 I have, in fact, seen crocodiles of escorted children emerging from the forest track.  One of the exercises these young people are given is the creation of the circles.  So I am not likely to encounter ‘The Wicker Man’, from the 1973 British horror film, remade in America in 2006.

This afternoon wagtails wandered about our lawn.  When Sam phoned to give me an estimated time of arrival for him and Malachi, who are staying for a few days, Malachi asked to speak to me.  Sam passed him the phone.  This little chap, who is not four until March, began with ‘excuse me’.  He went on to tell me he had just seen a sign which said you could buy coffee.

Malachi 1.13When they arrived, Malachi, taking off his shoes, asked the question we had feared.  ‘Have you got an iPad?’.  We hadn’t of course.  Fortunately Sam had an iPhone.  This meant we were half way there.  We still had to access the internet.  Our old laptops were not adequate to download Malachi’s games.  The iPhone was, but we required a password to access our home hub.  Of course we couldn’t remember it.  Eventually, I remembered how to access BT wifi with Fon.  And we got Sam on.  I ask you, its enough to remember all these terms, without throwing passwords in as well.  Malachi was soon esconced on the sofa with a game he had downloaded. Sam & Malachi 1.13 With a little help from his Dad he played games of varying degrees of difficulty.

Jackie produce a delicious beef stew and bread and butter pudding.  Malachi drank milk.  Sam and I enjoyed Selexione Sangiovese Shiraz 2011, a rather nice Sicilian wine.  Malachi had to be persuaded to eat enough of his dinner before he was allowed to get back to his games.  After his bath I struggled to maintain his interest in my rendering of Winnie the Pooh.  My own son seemed more intrigued.

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