She Does Make Exceedingly Good Books

Azalia and pieris shrubbery Azalia and pieris shrubbery (2) Azalia

On another glorious day, I had a wander around the garden of the Lodge, the shrubberies of which are now blooming splendidly.  Jackie had spent the morning attending to her little garden on our kitchen corner, after which we drove to The Firs to put in a stint there.

M27 trees

In less than a week the trees lining the M27 have burst into leaf.

Jackie and I and Danni worked on the beds.  My task was to mix topsoil, all-purpose compost, and farm compost and apply this as top dressing to weeded beds.  In preparation for this the grass edges were trimmed and weeding carried out.

We continue to be pleased with the fruits of last year’s work, if only because the really heavy work has all been done. Epimedium and primroses There are examples of serendipity, usually created by self-seeded primroses, such as their coordination with epimedium, or their contrast with forget-me-nots. Tulips And there are happy results of planting, such as the numerous tulips planted everywhere.

I was particularly pleased with those  I had bought at last year’s Bishop’s Waltham Garden Fair.

Tulips from Bishop's Waltham Garden FairThey have all come up again, in a bed which didn’t exist a month or so before they were planted.

Derrick and Jackie

Danni took the opportunity to photograph Jackie and me taking a break.

Elizabeth bookbindingElizabeth's booksElizabeth's Fly By Night

While the serfs slaved, the lady of the manor sat in the shade making beautiful little books for the planned summer exhibition.  In fairness to Elizabeth, who normally gets stuck in with the rest of us, she is recovering from a general anaesthetic and minor ENT operation and, like Mr. Kipling and his cakes, she ‘does make exceedingly good’ books.

Danni made an excellent sausage casserole meal which we enjoyed with the assistance of red wines and, of course, for she who will be nameless, Hoegaarden.  A delightful Berry Bliss from the Co-op was for afters.

The low sun was blinding along the motorway as we drove west to home. As is now quite common a handful of deer dashed across the road in front of us in the vicinity of Shave Wood.

When she had finished driving and we settled back home, I poured Jackie a complimentary.  Others would call this a Bailey’s.  We have renamed it in line with the custom of many local Indian restaurants who offer us a complimentary drink, usually a Bailey’s, after our meal.

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