Propelled Back To England

HallI had one last laugh with Thierry and Geoffrey yesterday evening.  As I prepared to leave Le Code Bar, having finished posting that day’s blog entry and amending the English version of his bilingual summer restaurant menu, David told me my builders were seated under the outside canopy having a drink.  I bade them a further farewell and went back to the house to find it cleaned spotlessly.  Returning to the bar I told them that the place was so clean I was scared to go in.  They were so amused by this that Geoffrey interrupted his mobile phone conversation to laugh uproariously.

Back at the house I took my shoes off and entered in my socks.  A short while later Geoffrey returned for his jacket which he’d forgotten.  He took his shoes off.  As he left I raised my right, still unshod, leg so my foot could be seen by Thierry in the car.  More guffaws.

PropellerJohn Blair’s contribution to the Oxford History provided my late night and early morning reading, and I continued on the plane with John Gillingham’s ‘The Early Middle Ages’.

Courtesy of Lydie, Flybe, and Jackie, I took my usual route home to Minstead, which was rather more overcast than the Aquitaine I had left an hour or so earlier.  As we had soared aloft into the bright sunshine above the scattered clouds,Bergerac from plane I was unable to distinguish the individual speedily spinning propeller blades, but the camera could.

Coast of western FranceThe spaces between the clouds afforded interesting views of the French coast.


Jackie's gardenBack in Minstead all the trees were now fully in leaf; the rhododendrons in Castle Malwood Lodge garden were looking stunning; and Jackie’s pots had somehow multiplied themselves, their plants having flourished.Violas  It is amazing what Baby Bio can do for violas.

We drove to Eastern Nights in Thornhill for our evening meal after which we dropped in on Elizabeth for a brief visit and scared ourselves with the amount of weeding there is to be done in this well-fed, now profusely blooming, garden.

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