A Day With A Book

I thought I would be helpful this morning and make tea and coffee for Aaron and his friend Darrel, who were finishing off spreading the gravel on the back drive. Although my left hand is much improved it is still a little difficult to apply the plunger to the small cafetiere. The inevitable happened and I upset the implement and spilled the contents. I thought I had made a good job of clearing up, but, hearing a sigh from Jackie, and asking what was the matter, elicited the response ‘Mum’s so lucky…..’ Ever since 18th September 2013 when the sausage casserole ended up on the kitchen floor, this has been an occasionally repeated phrase. Becky, you see, had, on that day, commented, somewhat irreverently, on the Facebook link to my post: ‘How lucky is mum, to have you help out in the kitchen like that?’.

The two men completed work on the drive in good time, and were able to weed the rose garden plot in preparation for laying its paths.

I spent most of the day reading more than two thirds of Harper Lee’s wonderful novel ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’. At the time of writing I have 80 pages to go, so probably won’t finish it tonight. I will leave comments on the author’s work until I have done so. In the meantime, here is a scan of the covers of my Folio Society edition bearing illustrations by Aafke Brouwer:To Kill A Mocking Bird cover

This evening we dined on succulent chicken Kiev; roasted peppers and mushrooms; mashed potatoes and swede; piquant cauliflower cheese; and crisp carrots and green beans. Neither of us drank anything.




  1. Beautiful cover. I am looking forward to know your thoughts about that book that I haven’t read yet (but is high up on my list) 🙂

  2. Of course, as regards the unfortunate spillage, I would simply report: “I blame Micklewraith entirely”.

  3. I loved this book. It’s probably time to revisit it. I’ll be interested to know what you think. We bring so much of ourselves to a book, that someone else’s commentary always reveals something I haven’t thought of.

      1. I know what you mean. It’s only in the past year or so that I’ve realized my life experience at this point might change my experience of a book. Otherwise, I’m with you–too much good stuff out there to spend time rereading. Also, yes, of course–use my name–sorry not to respond to that in prior comment!

  4. Just stopped by to say hi! It’s been so long since I have blogged or visited anyone else’s blogs. I love “To Kill A Mockingbird”, although it has been many years since I read it. The movie with Gregory Peck is good, too. I look forward to your thoughts.

    Sounds like you have a lot going on around your property! My husband always makes the coffee, but we have a drip coffee pot and an espresso maker. He also grinds his beans. I’m thankful he does that. I drink tea. A spill? I think it is great that you were making the tea and coffee and that you cleaned up the spill! Hope your hand continues to improve.

    As usual, your dinners always sound so good. Tonight we had charred salmon, rice, and green and yellow beans with carrots. I eat ice cream for dessert and my husband likes Italian water ice (we eat them almost every day). I don’t usually drink anything with meals, and I don’t drink alcohol anymore, so it is usually water when I do have a beverage. I don’t think my husband had a beverage with dinner either, but he did have a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon earlier. It’s a little heavy for salmon. And I think he got tired of waiting for me to make dinner. I made a late dinner because I went to the Emergency Room with a friend with took a very bad fall.

    Enough chatter from me!

  5. I shall make sure I have an extra drink before dinner this evening to make up for your “dry day”. A pinot gris I think – all of $8.99 from the supermarket.

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