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On a bright and sunny morning Jackie drove me to Giles’s Fox Hat home, where I delivered the Chesterton material he had lent me. She returned home and came back later to pick me up from the village of Milford on Sea. I had reached there by walking down Sharvills Road, up New Valley Drive and down Barnes Lane. The left knee managed the job quite well, but the calf bleated a bit. Giles had not been at home, but I wandered round his garden that had featured in Milford Open Gardens last June. Here is one of his stunning stained glass creations:Stained glassMaple and poppies

and a shot of maples and poppies enlivening his front plot.


Milford’s shoppers were enjoying the sunshine.

I sat on a bench on the green watching them all go by as I awaited my transport. In the process I engaged in conversation with others on the benches, including a gentleman reading The Independent. When I explained my previous link with the newspaper he said he didn’t solve crosswords, but his wife did. Maybe she had grappled with Mordred. Gentleman readin The Indepent

He was happy to be photographed,

Derrick reading The Independent

but thought it far more appropriate to return the favour.

Back in our gardenThalictrum

shade-loving thalictrum is now blooming,

Sweet William

as are white sweet Williams.

Bee on geranium palmatum

Yesterday, I wrongly identified the geranium that was attracting bees as a palmatum. This is the correct one.

This afternoon I cut the grass and Jackie continued creative planting.

Our evening meal was collected by Jackie from Hordle Chinese Takeaway. It was as plentiful and as delicately or spicily flavoured as usual. My lady drank Hoegaarden and her Knight drank Via di Cavallo chianti 2014.


  1. Enjoyed the link to Mordred. I have always been an avid crossworder, though my friend who spends a couple of months in London every year assures me I would be thrown off my game by the British cryptic style. Probably so, since the New York Times Sunday Puzzle was my game. I don’t do crosswords as often as I used to, time being filled with other wordy things.

    1. I’ve only a couple of times tried the New York Times puzzle and couldn’t do it. I used to set some of mine in a London pub, so was regarded as the man to go to if you were stuck for an answer. I got my comeuppance with the NYT. 🙂

  2. Goodness, I knew you were crafty, but to be one of those people who comes up with puzzles! Wowsers. I went to the link to your friend’s garden open house and greatly enjoyed the signs. It reminded me of a long ago post I did on signs at our library garden,
    Glad you’re feeling good and the knee is behaving. Calves are temperamental, I think, so yours will probably be fine tomorrow.

    1. Thank you Lisa. I enjoyed the library link. The calf will take a while, and I will have to keep it on a longish tether, because I did actually pull it a week or so back. But that is ok – at least I know how to manage it.

      1. Oh, I didn’t know that! Yeesh. Not just being temperamental, then, it was shouting that it wasn’t ready yet. Ouch. Hope it feels better soon!

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