Portraits From 1982 – 1986

In recent days, I have been nominated for two more awards, the Leibster;  and the Real Neat Blog by Alex Raphael. Unfortunately I was very tired when I received the first one, and cannot remember who awarded it. I acknowledged it and said I would follow it up the next day. I didn’t get around to it. This is really bad. Having spent ages scrolling down ‘Blogs I follow’, I haven’t been able to track it, so, kind nominator, if you are reading this please accept my apologies. My difficulty was nominating others for this newcomers’ honour, which would have meant checking how long my favourites had been blogging. The questions are also time consuming.

I have reluctantly decided that I am too involved in composing my daily Ramblings to manage this, and will continue to point up blogs I admire in the way I normally do, above, for Alex, and below, for Rob McShane.

On a wet morning, Jackie drove off to replenish our larder, and I, raincoat clad, ambled round the garden,where

raindrops on fuchsia Army Nurse

Raindrops on prunus pissardi

Raindrops on honeysuckle

the Lady in Black climbing fuchsia, the prunus pissardi leaves , and the honeysuckle enjoyed a cooling shower. Keen observers will notice that my camera lens did too.

Bee and raindrops on rhododendron

Hardy, bedraggled, workers crept into this rhododendron.


 The dragon’s armour plating affords him suitable protection.

This photograph is for The Wayward Warrior, an excellent poet.

In Lidl, Jackie found, a superb new Dosset Box that is unlikely to lose its lettering. On account of a slight tear it its packaging, this was sold for 89p.Dosset Box 1Dosset Box 2

Since I can’t read braille I was having to guess the different containers in the old one.

This afternoon I returned to the task of sorting, scanning, and returning to photograph albums the prints Elizabeth had borrowed.

Louisa 1982 6

Let’s begin with a laughing Louisa in Gracedale Road sometime in 1982. She has never stopped spreading delight.

The summer of 1985 comes next.

Sam 1985 02

Sam appears to be wondering where the contents of his ice cream cone have gone. Looking at his cheeks and chin we would be able to tell him where some was to be found.

Sam on donkey 1985

A little further on in the year he rides a donkey down the steep steps of the cobbled street in Mousehole, Cornwall’s famous tourist venue.

Jessica and Sam 1985

In the autumn Jessica and I rented a French gite. Here she is in its garden with our son.

Joseph 12.85 2

I have featured that year’s Christmas at my parents’ home in Morden before. Here is a shot of my youngest brother, Joseph.

Louisa 5.86 2

This picture of Louisa was taken in the garden of our Gracedale Road house on her fourth birthday in May 1986. Never content with her thumb, she always added her first finger to her mouth when tired.

Matthew, Sam & Louisa 12.86Matthew and Sam 12.86

London experienced  a pleasing amount of snow for children that December. Mind you, judging by the expressions on Sam and Louisa’s faces as Matthew pushed or dragged them over the snow, on Gracedale Road, or Tooting Bec Common, it was pretty cold.

Later this afternoon the rain stopped. Jackie continued pruning and weeding, and I did my best to cart the contents of one of the large bins, into which she chucked the cuttings, to the compost heap before she had filled the next one.

This evening we dined at Lal Quilla.Jackie’s main dish was lamb dopiaza; mine was prawn vindaloo. It is many years since I ate a vindaloo I had not cooked myself. That is because, so often, it lacks complexity and seems mostly to consist of curry powder. I thought I would be safe here. I most certainly was. The meal was perfect.  We both drank Kingfisher.

Published by derrickjknight

I am a septuagenarian enjoying rambling physically and photographing what I see, and rambling in my head as memories are triggered. I also ramble through a lifetime's photographs

39 thoughts on “Portraits From 1982 – 1986

  1. Raindrops on flowers always seem to lend an added freshness. Some lovely photos from your family gallery – I especially like the sledging one at the end.

  2. “Wasn’t it yesterday when they were small?”

    I like the dragon because I am one.

    Every time you mention work in the garden I feel as if I’d neglected mine.

    1. So true about the passing of time. Granddaughter Emily (21) sent me a photo of a sweetshop with the caption ‘best memories’. When she a her siblings were very little, I would take them to a Pick and Mix where they could gather up their own individual sweets and put them in the bags supplied

  3. Ah the rainy garden. A delight. I especially like the ‘bee-draggled’ workers. Fuchsia are one of my favorite flowers. “Dancing ladies’ we called them and when I was young and sick in bed my mother would always place a little vase of them in my room. Sweet memories. Thanks.

      1. Forgive me, Derrick! What a faux pas. I am sorry. Thanks for the family info – it was fascinating to read – and enlightening. 🙂

  4. I do my desk to identify exactly where you live from the titbits on your posts. I’d guess not far from the Royal Oak at Downton but that may be well off the mark!

      1. Ah me; now I remember the Royal Oak when the gents was a outside wall with a barely covered piece of porcelain and it had one bar! And I was married in Hordle Church not a million miles away! Happy days!

  5. Well, it makes sense your dragon was in a post from the last few weeks when I have been so busy I haven’t made time to catch up on reading blog posts. This is an excellent dragon, and seems perfectly suited for the garden and any kind of weather. I’ll let you know when I find one of my own to keep an eye out over my place in Oregon.

    You have done a beautiful job of cataloging your loved ones over the years. Such expressions.

  6. I liked the garden pictures but especially enjoyed your beautiful children, Derrick. Today, this was a link on a post I was reading to catch up. Matthew was a really kind and caring brother! 😀

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