‘Is it 25 grams?’

Jackie drove me to and from New Milton to meet Alison who came for a short visit. On the way to the station we made a couple of stops intended to be brief.

The first went according to plan, except that the cleaners had been unable to remove barbecue sauce from my white linen jacket. I asked what would happen if I tried Vanish on it. I was told it would be ruined. When we got home, Jackie wasn’t having that, and applied a good dose of Vanish. The success or failure will become evident when the jacket has dried out. Who cares? It was not much use without this last chance, and, you never know, it may have an enhancing marbled effect as water rings make their way across the fabric.

The visit to Tesco for just six bottles of sparking water took a little longer. Jackie waited in the car, whilst I grabbed the bottles. I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw a checkout with nothing on the conveyor belt. I made a dash for it. I had noticed an elderly woman sorting out paperwork which turned out to be discount vouchers. In my haste, I had not observed that she was standing in front of a fully laden trolley. Too late, I realised that she was in fact the queue. A splendid, stout, walking stick lay across her intended purchases. Slowly, wincing at every stretch, she began to unload. Eventually, I took pity on her and filled the belt. I then walked past her to the empty trolley, and placed her purchases therein, as they were checked off and placed in bags. When this was over, I thought I was done. Not so. Her discounts needed to be taken off her bill. The, very pleasant, woman on the checkout, balked at one of them. ‘Is it 25 grams?’, She asked. I had no idea what this meant, neither had my friend, the shopper. However, when the assistant caught my eye, clearly wondering how to deal with this, I said ‘Yes’. She smiled, fiddled with the computer keys, thus suggesting that ‘it’ hadn’t really been 25 grams, and accepted the voucher.

All was well. We were still in good time for Alison.

This afternoon, whilst I dead-headed more roses, Jackie drove to Everton Nurseries to return a faulty arch. It will come as no surprise to regular readers that she returned with further plants for the rose garden. We then plonked them, still in their pots, into position. They included the fragrant roses

Rose - Absolutely FabulousJPG

the aptly named ‘Absolutely Fabulous’;

Rose Schoolgirl

the climbing ‘Schoolgirl;

Rose - Kent

‘Kent’, a carpet rose for ground cover;

Rose - Winchester Cathedral label

and Winchester Cathedral.

Dahlia - Bishop of Leicester

In deference to my birthplace, also included was the dahlia ‘Bishop of Leicester’.

A white climbing hydrangea has been placed in the shady corner beside the orange shed.

This evening we dined on Mr Pink’s delectable fish and chips, gherkins, and pickled onions. Jackie drank Hoegaarden, and I finished the cabernet sauvignon.


  1. Your rose beds are going to be fabulous. I hope all the fragrance is as it should be as well, wafting about the garden and hanging in the air. There’s always a surprise in the checkout line!

  2. A carpet rose for ground cover? I didn’t know these existed! Where can I get me some? I have a week off work next week and need to give my garden some TLC 🙂

      1. I’ll be taking a look at Cadnam first, then will pop to the one in Beaulieu at some point. First priority is hedge trimming, filling in doggy-dug holes on the lawn and fence putting upping!

          1. What we like about Family House is the very welcoming friendly atmosphere created by the family who run it. We found it when we were renting in Minstead. They are very pleased that we still drive over there from time to time

          2. We’ll give it a go next time – thank you for the recommendation. I’ll let you know how we get on. I’m very fussy when it comes to Chinese as I lived in Hong Kong for 11 years 🙂

  3. “Absolutely Fabulous” is indeed aptly named.

    May suggest a jacket in burgundy or brown – slightly less elegant but infinitely more forgiving of spillage. My wardrobe is mainly selected on the basis of food colours. I am undoubtedly less dapper than you, but less noticeably sauce-stained. 😉

  4. I just came in from digging in my haphazard garden having culled what felt like a field of day-lilies. They may not toil but I sure do. I’m afraid of roses and am awestruck by your budding 😉 garden.

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