The Decade That Fashion Forgot

The 1970s have variously been described as the decade that fashion, or taste, forgot. Anyone watching early episodes of such as ‘The Sweeney’, that iconic TV detective series, will probably dissolve into laughter at the sight of the flares, or trousers with wide flared bottoms, that were all you could  buy in those days. Orange, brown, and purple synthetic fabrics were all the rage, as were huge shirt collars.

Had I been given a choice, I would probably have avoided buying any clothes until that mad period had been left behind. Unfortunately, in the last three months of 1972, the first apart from Jackie, I lost so much weight that it was either new trousers or continually trip myself up.

Derrick 3.73Derrick 3.73 2

These two colour slides from March 1973 demonstrate to what I was reduced.

Jackie took the first picture in the garden of Amity Grove, on the day I produced yesterday’s images of the children. The second was probably taken by Pat, one of the Southwark Social Workers who had accompanied us to North Wales. Jackie had made my magnificent fringed garment.

In my post ‘Vertigo’ I tell a story of Matthew and Becky rushing around the perimeter of a very deep, disused, water-filled, slate quarry. That took place on this trip.

Matthew and Becky 3.73012

Ripples in streamStones in stream 1Stones in stream 2

I was much more comfortable with their paddling in streams, fishing for pebbles.

This evening I drank a glass of Chapel Hill pinot noir 2014 to accompany chilli con carne and savoury rice my choice from Jackie’s hot buffet selection, followed by beef casserole, then forest fruits strudel and custard.

Ian and I watched the highlights of the second day of the Oval Test Match. The topsy tyrvy nature of this series continued, as Australia took their total to 481, and England ended the day on 107 for 8


  1. My, those pics of the ’70s stylish clothes brought back memories! I had to grin. The female counterpart outfits of the ’70s rivaled the men’s! 🙂

  2. I love the fashion of those days! I miss my bell bottoms and bias skirts with four or five inch platforms! Of course I would fall off them if I try to walk in them now but what a wonderful way to appear taller than my five foot one 🙂

  3. Ah, it was certainly a time for some ‘out-there’ clothing styles. I don’t remember being as stylish as you (that velour/velveteen(?) jacket is something else!), but flares have come back in, so we can all get our groove on a second-time around

  4. The horrible thing is – that “retro-look” will come back! It’s a good idea to keep ones old clothes – my tartan sweater from the ’60s has twice returned in style! Having said that, Derrick you are made of sterner stuff than I, posting such photos!

  5. Oh, Derrick! I’d never be able to post such pictures of my own 70’s clothing (which I shudder to recall). I spent much of it in pansy that were too short (floods) as I was much taller than allowed for my size. And of course, flares had to be long and dragging the ground…

    1. Hello, Danella. Your comment on my latest post was sent to trash whilst I was replying. I can’t get it back and it’s lost to the post Imperial Leather. This is to thank you, anyway

  6. GP Cox’s excellent comment was trashed by WordPress. As far as I remember it said it brought back memories, and there was a reason the clothes had been forgotten, although it was unique – you had to give it THAT. Thanks, GP.

  7. I don’t know what to say Derrick lol… On the one hand, the 70s-child hippie-chick in me is free-form dancing with glee. I miss my courderoy bell bottoms. We’d wear them in the snow as kids and they’d freeze and make that swish-swish-swish sound when we walked ;P

    The vest… amazing piece of artwork by Jackie I’ll say that. A lot of work went into it. I enjoyed this ;))

  8. What do you mean “The Decade That Fashion Forgot”??? I love 70’s fashion, and those photos of you in those clothes are freaking great! 😀

      1. Well I think 70’s fashion is ‘groovy’ 😉
        My pleasure, I was away on vacation so I’ve been catching up on all the posts I missed.while I was gone. 🙂

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