An International Tennis Match

Our 1983 holiday with The Vachettes, in Fontaine, France, has been featured before. The batch of black and white negatives I identified and scanned today was of a tennis match between Arnoux, the husband of Marie-Helene Vachette, and my son Michael. I don’t remember the outcome, although I believe they were evenly matched.

Michael 1982010

Michael 1983007

Michael had youth on his side,

Michael 1982014

Michael 1983015

Arnoux 1982023

Arnoux 1983Arnoux 1982004Arnoux 1983009

but, in putting him under pressure his French opponent demonstrated a certain skill.

Sam tennis1983

Sam, looking hopeful here, probably got a game in as well.

With all four of us in varying stages of chest infections, there had been plenty of food left over from the Spice of India takeaway, to serve as our meal this evening. I drank another glass of the pinot noir; Becky chose rosé, and Ian drank cider.


      1. Don’t look at the starting bit, Derrick. Look at the finishing bit. You are the leader of hope! They should/shall bow to you! There’s hope beyond the virus, and you have shown them that!

  1. Timeless photos. It’s always nice to have some at hand, as photos are great for reliving our most cherished moments!

  2. Love these old black and whites. Get better soon! Have you had a cup of fresh sage steeped in hot water? Always helps me when I have chest congestion. Take care!

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