Meeting Poppy

Jackie and I began the day with a trip to New Milton to order some gravel for the garden from Milford Sand and Gravel. Afterwards we set off for Upper Dicker in East Sussex. We were some way past Lymington before I realised I had left my camera at home. Given that we were going to meet our new granddaughter for the the first time, that was rather unfortunate. Back home we went for the implement. Then off we drove again.

At Chichester we stopped to visit Hansford’s mens outfitters to buy me some trousers and Mothercare for baby clothes.Poppy 2

Poppy 1

Tess and Poppy

We then spent a very enjoyable afternoon with Tess and little Poppy.

Jackie and Poppy 1Jackie and Poppy 2

Naturally we took it in turns to hold our little girl

Derrick and Poppy 1

Derrick and Poppy 2Derrick and Poppy 3

who, after a feed spent a contented hour on my chest.

After Mat returned home from work, we toasted Poppy with champagne and Tess ordered the delivery of an enjoyable Indian takeaway. My choice was naga lamb, special fried rice, an onion bahji, and a paratha.

Jackie then drove us home.


  1. When I had my calligraphy studio, I was often asked to letter this, by the American poet Carl Sandburg:
    “A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on.”

    Does seem that way, doesn’t it?

  2. Oh this is a beautiful post Derrick!
    So wonderful to see you with your dear little Grand daughter. Wonderful pictures.
    Congratulations to you all 😀

  3. She is very very sweet. Hello world! There’s something about holding a baby that throws us all into dreamy, happy contentment–which could be the look on your face in the one picture.

  4. Poppy is a beautiful little girl, and she looks so happy meeting her wonderful grandparents–and why wouldn’t she? Congratulations to both of you on the birth of your granddaughter and to Poppy and her parents. I wish them all much, much happiness and a lifetime of love.

  5. Compared to the first picture you posted of her, she looks to have grown a lot in just eight days. And so bonny! Looks like she’s going to be tall… Okay, so maybe she’ll grow up to be a model instead of Prime Minister. No problem, models make more money, anyway. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Johnna. Very observant. Yes, she is rather tall, and very strong. It runs in the family. I read your comment out to Jackie. She said ‘models make more money’ before I read that bit.

  6. That camera was an absolute necessity. Little Poppy is a beauty and obviously so loved. Made me teary-eyed to look at those pictures.

  7. Such a sweet little thing! I love the pictures with you, Tess and Jackie. A new little life in the family strikes a deep chord. Congratulations to all of you and Welcome!!, little Poppy

  8. That is an exquisite little granddaughter! May her life be a joy from beginning to [very, very far off] end! Clearly, it’s a joy to a certain mama and pair of delighted grandparents, just as should be.
    Congratulations to all.

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