The Print Room


Aaron’s main task this morning was the freeing and repairing of a side gate. In order to set a new post in concrete, he needed a bag of postcrete, a quick-drying material produced for the purpose.Seeded grass patch When Jackie and I went off to buy it, he directed us to a marvellous outlet, now Moles Country Stores, that he still knows as Scats. I have written before about how long it takes – sometimes several generations – to change long-established names in the popular mind.

Our gardening treasure also dug out a dead stump from the grass patch, filled in the hole, and reseeded the area.

View from Heligan path to Fiveways

Today’s garden view is looking from the corner of the Heligan Path towards the Fiveways chimney pot.

Poppy framed

As I have managed to recover most of the iPhotos I lost last week, I was able to print, for Jackie to frame, a Poppy photo. We turned the image through 90%. Our granddaughter is not a vampire. Her fangs are reflections on the glass.

Warwinter 2 framed

It has taken me several months to find the right kind of frame for ease of changing the content in order to display the Warwinter set of prints Becky gave me in April. Today I hung the first of the series. The idea is to replace each image with the next one. The corner magnets hold the acrylic cover in place over the picture, and can easily be removed for the  replacement. This model is made by Adventa.

These works join others in the Print Room signwhich is the downstairs loo, so named because all the pictures in it are prints, from the obvious photographic ones, to book illustrations. There is an original lino-cut, and a couple of favourite greetings cards.

A Spice of India Takeaway provided our evening meal. We shared poppadoms, paratha, and onion and mushroom bhajis. My choice of main course was lamb naga and special fried rice. Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I drank Cuvée St Jainé red table wine.


  1. In a former home of mine, we had a LAURELOO where we hung all the Academic degrees, diplomas and certificates of recognition on the walls. Your PRINT ROOM just reminded me of that. Glad to hear you’ve recovered most of the lost photos!

  2. Scats? There’s a name from my past. Near the Roman fort and water tower where I imagined one character in my book lived. How often did Mum drag us to Scats for a bag of peat or what have you?

  3. That frame is a great idea; I wonder if it was inspired by fridge magnets. My ‘print room’ is the fridge; no one would guess that there’s a fridge behind the ‘bulletin board’ if it isn’t in the kitchen 🙂
    Good on you for getting your photos back!

  4. Your garden is looking beautiful Derrick, did you once say you will open it to the public? Sorry I haven’t said “Congratulations” on the birth of your granddaughter Poppy she is gorgeous

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