Two Seasons Merge

This morning Aaron and Robin took out three mature self-seeded hawthorn stumps from the front garden, leaving a raked clear soil in situ; they pruned our side of the griselinia trees; and Aaron replaced a missing end cap on the front guttering.

The garden, on this balmy, sun-filled day, remains in full bloom. Autumn and Summer flora mingle happily, as the seasons merge.

Crysanthemums yellow

Numerous chrysanthemums are in bloom. These recently acquired yellow ones have possibly been forced, but no matter.

Clematis Duchess of Albany

Her skin may be showing signs of age, but the clematis Duchess of Albany, frolics gamely on the rose garden pergola, beneath which many roses, such as

Rose Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate,

Rose Margaret Merrill

and Margaret Merrill, are flowering profusely. Of a recent listing of the best ten autumn flowering roses Jackie read, we have five. One is Margaret Merrill.


We have forgotten what this dahlia is called, but it is very prolific.

Rose pink

Despite the heavy pruning required for the installation of the Monet Arch at the front, and a blight of black spot, a few pink roses are persevering.

Interspersed with watching two televised quarter final matches of the Rugby World Cup, I continued work on the garden album.

The matches were between Ireland and Argentina, and between Scotland and Australia.

We dined this evening on the other half of the Experiment Pie. It was still delicious. Fresh boiled potatoes, carrots, and green beans accompanied it. Jackie drank Hoegaarden and I drank Morlands Old Crafty Hen.

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I am a septuagenarian enjoying rambling physically and photographing what I see, and rambling in my head as memories are triggered. I also ramble through a lifetime's photographs

39 thoughts on “Two Seasons Merge

  1. My idea of heaven is to have roses blooming for at least nine months of every year – I wonder if it is possible………. Jackie will know! Your man Aaron does a sterling job for you – it’s amazing how often he gets a mention and I realised I never acknowledge his contribution to the beautiful garden!

  2. The chrysanthemum is the Chinese symbol for Autumn, in art and in literature. I was in a nursery yesterday and saw Hot Chocolate amongst the roses. Yours are looking great.

  3. Those are some exquisite flowers you got there. It actually snowed yesterday out here. Crazy how you got such beautiful flowers growing to date.

    – Lashaan

  4. Lovely photos. We have had first frost and light snow flurries – thankfully the snow did not last, just Winter giving us a rude reminder.

  5. Lol…”her skin may be aging but she frolics gamely”. Delighted that I have something in common with a Duchess. Love it and all your beautiful pictures, as always.

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