Nugget, You’ve Got Mail

This morning while Jackie applied herself to unearthing food for Nugget, I occupied myself with dead-heading roses. The two photographs above are a day’s relief for eyes which struggled with yesterday’s “Where’s Nugget?”. Hearing Jackie clearly speaking Avian I thought at first she had been addressing her little robin, but in fact it was “thoseContinue reading “Nugget, You’ve Got Mail”

September Approaches

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Although, like this on these marigolds, a certain amount of ash remains from the North Breeze bonfire, the prevailing wind has changed and the fire much less prevalent. The mechanical digger glimpsed over the fence is levelling the now plantless next door garden. This afternoon we both tookContinue reading “September Approaches”

Two Seasons Merge

This morning Aaron and Robin took out three mature self-seeded hawthorn stumps from the front garden, leaving a raked clear soil in situ; they pruned our side of the griselinia trees; and Aaron replaced a missing end cap on the front guttering. The garden, on this balmy, sun-filled day, remains in full bloom. Autumn andContinue reading “Two Seasons Merge”

The Caribbean Sea

Today was another rainswept blustery day, so I returned to my photographic archives and scanned a dozen slides from May 2004. This was the month in which Sam completed his Atlantic Row, which I have featured from time to time. During the few days waiting for him to arrive in Port St Charles, Barbados, andContinue reading “The Caribbean Sea”