Before And After: The Gazebo Path

Grass needing cuttingJackie & grass cut

One of the more urgent tasks when we first arrived at Old Post House was cutting the grass. This was carried out on 16th May 2014.

Beyond the eucalyptus runs the main central gravel path from the urn circle to five ways. We have created some confusion in the title applied to this thoroughfare. In my posts and on Jackie’s label we call it the Pergola Path. On the Head Gardener’s map it is termed the Gazebo Path. This is the more accurate name, since it is spanned by a gazebo, not a pergola.

In today’s section of the before and after story, we will revert to Gazebo.

Path long central

We needed to weed and rake the gravel and reset some of the edging. This is how far we had come by 2nd June. The Chilean Lantern Plant to the left needed considerable pruning to enable safe passage along the path.

Wheels edging path

On 3rd June Jackie reset the iron wheels bordering the grass patch.

Gazebo path

By 22nd June the task was complete.

Jessica and Imogen

Jessica and Imogen explored the path on 1st November.


Later, they set off down it in search of pumpkins which they carried back to the house.

View along Gazebo Path 7.9.15

Here is the view on 7th September 2015.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s glorious lamb jalfrezi and perfect pilau rice, followed by lemon mousse. We both drank Kingfisher.


  1. The transformation looks magical without seeing the work that went on in between the before and after photos. 🙂 The girls look so cute and happy. 🙂

  2. So when do you open to the public. These pictures strain even English adjectives. Pulcritudinous? Does that work? You and the boss have done an amazing job

  3. So marvelous is your garden….a most apt environment for a beautiful little girl in a striped shirt, yellow hoodie, red/blue/pink jams, cerulean tights and aqua sandals!

      1. I hope you don’t think that was criticism, Becky. I adore how children choose their clothes when free to do so. Some mothers (like mine) wouldn’t allow that and imposed adult notions on how things should “match”. Fortunately, if allowed to express it, children have wonderful aesthetic taste!

    1. I didn’t think that was a criticism for a moment! Just a joyful observation. Jessica’s mother is my sister and I know she would agree with you 100% 🙂

  4. What adorable little girls Derrick – the pumpkin was quite heavy for Imogen, but she seemed quite happy wandering about in your lovely garden.

  5. What a land of magic and enchantment! What beautiful and lucky girls. The joy of pumpkin selecting – and yes let it be the one almost too big to carry! I adore the iron wheel border. Thanks for the lovely garden meander as winter nips at my heels this morning.

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