Claiming The Perch

Although it had heated up by midday, the earlier part of the morning was cooler. We finished the work on the wisteria; Jackie continued with other shrubs and roses, such as those festooning the gazebo. Behind the third and fourth steps of the ladder in the third image here can be seen the colchicums whichContinue reading “Claiming The Perch”

“I’ll Have A Copy Of That”

Despite yesterday’s rain the Head Gardener drove to Otter Nurseries clutching vouchers for special offers of seven different items. One of these was for 10 fifty litre bags of compost. The helpful staff had stuffed these all into the Modus. Unfortunately they did not offer to unload them at this end. That was my taskContinue reading ““I’ll Have A Copy Of That””

Responding To Comments

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Today’s photographic projects were prompted by responses to recent posts. Yesterday’s offering included 35 photographs, and of those who favoured the very last one, Laurie Graves, herself an excellent blogger, suggested a large print. I made one of A3+ with a white margin. Various comments focussed onContinue reading “Responding To Comments”

Gardening With A Camera

CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE. REPEAT IF REQUIRED. Photographing while gardening is a hazardous business. I blame the camera’s unforgiving eye. My entertainment this morning was tidying up the Rose Garden with dead-heading and sweeping back into the beds the mulch bark that our avian friends daily toss onto the paving; and clearing up theContinue reading “Gardening With A Camera”


Snatching half an hour of occasional sunshine before the expected gloom set in for the day, I wandered around the garden with my camera. Two retrained pink climbing roses are in bloom along the front garden trellis. We have masses of geraniums palmatum. Jackie took cuttings last year, and distributed some in the front, whereContinue reading “Rewards”

The Light Fantastic

Today the sun put in intermittent appearances. Early on I applied my lens to the light. The Gazebo Path retained its colour, but this bench, lamp, and eucalyptus called for Black and White to enhance their shapes, as did the shadows on the bench on The Helicon Path. During the rest of the day, whilst I producedContinue reading “The Light Fantastic”

Before And After: The Gazebo Path

One of the more urgent tasks when we first arrived at Old Post House was cutting the grass. This was carried out on 16th May 2014. Beyond the eucalyptus runs the main central gravel path from the urn circle to five ways. We have created some confusion in the title applied to this thoroughfare. InContinue reading “Before And After: The Gazebo Path”