A Sale

I received confirmation this morning, that my piece ‘Not The Comic Book Hero’ will appear on  livelytwist tomorrow.

Although today was much brighter, it is now cold and the rampant winds ravage the garden. The tops of the cold frame at the side of the front of the house were ripped off and distributed elsewhere. I replaced them and battened them down with rocks.

Prunus Subhirtella Autumnalis

The Head Gardener’s research has revealed that the flowering cherry in the front garden is not performing out of season. It is Prunus Subhirtella Autumnalis.

I printed up the recycling and disposal section of the garden album.

This afternoon Jackie drove us to Elizabeth’s, whence the three of us, in my sister’s car, collected Mum and went on to The First Gallery where we spent a customary pleasant time talking with our friends Margery and Paul, and having a look round the exhibits.

As we drove across the forest, a sudden emergency stop was required when one of the ponies took it into its head to cross the road. Some warning signs now bear the legend ‘Expect Them To Step Out’. That is why.


Beaulieu was really rather swarming with the beasts, some of whom trotted happily down the middle of the main road through the village. This one was really stepping it out, for a New Forest Pony.

Pony by lake

Others clustered around the lake at low tide, possibly envying the waterfowl their ownership of it.

Photos on display

I have sold a few photographs in my time, but, up until now, only greetings cards have been bought at The First Gallery. I was therefore pleased to learn that the picture of Quay Street on the left of my little corner has been purchased.

Afterwards, Mum, Elizabeth, Jackie, and I dined at Farmers Home in Durley. The meals and service were as good and attentive as usual. My choice was beef Wellington followed by Eton Mess; Jackie’s was mushroom Stroganoff with sticky toffee pudding for dessert; Elizabeth’s beef Wellington with frozen berries to follow; Mum’s crab fish cakes with creme  brûlée afterwards. I drank Ringwood’s bitter; Jackie sparkling water; Elizabeth shiraz; and Mum, orange juice.

As we entered the Modus to return home the thermometer read 0 degrees, which was quite a shock after the mild weeks we have been experiencing.


  1. Quay Street looks like a painting. I like your photos but which part of Jackie was in the photo that bears her name?
    I am always moved by your mention of your mum. As one who’d not been mothered, I think you are both fortunate to have each other.

  2. Congratulations on two counts Derrick! Will you give us a link tomorrow to your guest post. And I believe I may have said something about the sold photo before – I think it is lovely and reminds me of a Manet. I’m relieved that Cherry Blossom is not flowering out of season – I was a bit perturbed by that thought!

  3. Congratulations on your sale! I also really like the pony in motion. Almost as much as the donkey, his little hooves planted on the roadway, in a previous post.

  4. Kudos on the sale Derrick.
    It’s a real pleasure to have you on my blog. Your post put a big smile on my face and I hope other readers have a similar or even better experience.

  5. Great news! And yes those ponies get a bit nervous when it is windy after a period of calm.I remember those storms in the eighties, when the fences blown down I have known them to cross the main dual carriageway. Great photos.

  6. Good news in several places Derrick. Well done on publication and a sale. Hordle’s very own David Bailey. Btw gave job esten at the High Corner Inn recently or at all. It must be 10 years sine I was there and it was always a great setting and good food.

  7. Oh, shoot, Derrick! You just made my day. I laughed out loud when I read about the warning sign, “Expect them to step out.” Step out, indeed! Is it common in your neck of the woods—as we would say in Maine—to let ponies go where they will?
    Also, congrats, congrats!

  8. Hey, Derrick! I saw your post on livelytwist… I am glad for you. I hope you’re OK because the fight with pain is a harder one. I know because, even if I’m only 16, I have problems with my right shoulder, both knees (because of volleyball), I had a surgery on my right foot and so on… Show must go on, right?

      1. Hey, Derrick! I have to ask… Who is this livelytwist and why is so important to be on her blog? I hope you do not mind I asked. I really don’t know how important is Timi 🙂

        1. Hi, Monica. Timi is just a very good writer who publishes articles in magazines. For me it is a matter of on-line friendship because we like each other’s posts. So when she asked me to join her project, I was pleased to do so. It is an example of positive WordPress networking.

          1. OK. I understood 🙂 You know, she gave me a like for my post About me after I gave her a like for your article. Thanks, Derrick.

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