A Bead Curtain

Mike of ‘Perfect Plastering’, lived up to his company name as he completed the fitting of our new bath and tiling today. He has done an excellent job.

Jackie spent much of the day on one of her sororal lunches, whilst I had a brief visit from our friend Alison.

Walking in the Sea001

‘Walking In The Sea’, is, in my view, B. J. Haynes’s best novel to date. I was unable to put down my copy, and read this little book in two sittings. One reason, undoubtedly, was because it is quite short. The most compelling one, however, is that I wanted the mystery to unravel. I won’t spoil the story with details, but will simply say that the clear, spare, prose races along; that the dialogue is convincing; and that Barrie’s quirky humour strikes just the right balance.

The cover design is by the author’s granddaughter, Amber Cooke.

When I attempted to put this review on Amazon Books UK, I was prevented from doing so without buying a copy. Barrie’s generosity is such that I don’t need to purchase one. So here is what I would have posted on there.

Raindrops on weeping birchRaindrops on weeping birch branches

Not to be outdone by those on yesterday’s Japanese maple, the raindrops sliding down the slender, pendulous, threads of our weeping birch have provided a bead curtain separating that tree’s bed from the South End of the garden.

This evening we dined on Jackie’s perky paprika pork and special fried rice.




  1. I wish I go out in the rain more often 🙂 However the sun’s been shining and the temperatures’ been in the 40s C. Today we have cloud and 22ºC maximum; more than 20º difference from yesterday.

  2. So very lovely! Also, had to look up the word “sororal.” Had never, ever heard it. Thanks for teaching me a new word.

  3. What? No wine with Jackie’s great cuisine? Thanks for this post, Derrick. The book review and the pictures are refreshing. It just occurs to me that you sound like a man who is content with his life. A state to be much-desired,

  4. I had to look up the word sororal too! Then came the light bulb moment. So that’s where “sorority” comes from. So – my relationship with my English quasi sisters is “sororal”. Must remember to use that in the Christmas letter 🙂

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