Roses And Christmas Lights

Watched by, among others, roses

Rose Summertime


Rose Winchester Cathedral

and Winchester Cathedral,

this morning I completed the composting of the rose garden, whilst Jackie planted bulbs such as various fritillaries.

This afternoon we began our Christmas shopping in New Milton’s Lidl and Marks and Spencer in Hedge End. Between these emporia we visited Mum, who has been struggling with back pain lately. She seems rather better.

We then went on to Wickham where we hoped to shop in Chesapeake Mill, an antiques centre, which had closed before we arrived. This was no real hardship because it meant we were able to dine at the Veranda. My choice of meal was Lamb Lal Maas, and special fried rice. Jackie chose chicken korma and mushroom rice. We shared a superb paratha and onion bhaji; and both drank Kingfisher.

Christmas lights 1Christmas lights 2Veranda

Both the town and the restaurant wereย festooned in Christmas lights.

P.S. My good friend, Barrie Haynes, has provided the following important information:


This one is for you Derrick Knight, but I would like my US FB friends also to see this, as it is an interesting piece of history that people pass by everyday without knowing of it. There are a number of explanations to the expression, ‘Up the Creek’ but the accepted one in Hampshire is that many fine vessels ended their lives and were broken up in Fareham Creek, which is just off Portsmouth Harbour. The USS Chesapeake (1799) was a three masted heavy frigate that was captured by the Royal Navy. She eventually ended up at Fareham and in 1820 a miller from the ancient town of Wickham (around eight miles inland) bought her remains and used her timbers to build the Chesapeake Mill, which still stands to this day!

Barrie Haynes's photo.


  1. Ya’ll are pretty understated with your Christmas decorations in England… I treated myself to some take-out at a local restaurant today, and it looked like Santa (and all his elves) had thrown up in there. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Our Christmas decs are, as you say, understated in comparison, but on the continent they are even more so, and some of my Belgian and French and German friends used to think us gaudy and that we made much more of Christmas than they did. Indeed they saw Christmas day as much more of a religious holiday. In Belgium they had St. Nicholas giving gifts on his feast day (6th of December), but no big ‘do’ on Christmas day. They will probably catch up!

  3. Love the roses into December Derrick, but more is the way you two spends your days – love and friendship, where can one go wrong?! Best to you and Jackie for a lovely weekend.

  4. Glad to hear Mum’s back pain is somewhat better, and glad that your plans turned out well despite the antique store being closed. The benefit was not only the dining, but also the lights!

  5. I love both Ty he roses and the christmas lights! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you and hope you and your company are having a lovely Christmas. ๐Ÿ™‚ โ™ก

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