Remembering The Bees

We managed¬†a good morning’s work before the rain set in later in the afternoon. I cut the grass while Jackie clipped more of the Back Drive hedge. Part of this consisted of a fuchsia which, despite severe autumn haircuts, has really become very unkempt overgrown. Because it was the only reasonable plant in this areaContinue reading “Remembering The Bees”

Roses And Christmas Lights

Watched by, among others, roses Summertime, and Winchester Cathedral, this morning I completed the composting of the rose garden, whilst Jackie planted bulbs such as various fritillaries. This afternoon we began our Christmas shopping in New Milton’s Lidl and Marks and Spencer in Hedge End. Between these emporia we visited Mum, who has been strugglingContinue reading “Roses And Christmas Lights”

West Kennet Long Barrow

Drawn by the extravagant breakdance being performed outside our sitting room window by the unidentified peach rose, clearly far more resilient than plastic greenhouses, I ventured outside into the wild, weirdly¬†warming, winds with my camera. The rose surged backwards and forwards, defying my efforts at focussing; those in their dedicated garden, where Summertime still hasContinue reading “West Kennet Long Barrow”